Over Two Thirds of the Country Agrees That the Economy is ‘Bad’

Over 69 percent of Americans say that the economy as “bad,” up from roughly 46 percent just a few months ago.

According to the new CBS/YouGov survey, conducted May 18-20, 51 percent of Americans trust the GOP to handle inflation and 49 percent trust the Democrats to tackle the issue.

The pollsters report that “the Democratic Party — which controls Congress and the presidency — is not seen by a majority as either ‘effective’ or ‘in touch,’ which are, no doubt, important measures for a party in power. The Democratic Party is more apt to be described as ‘weak,’ a label applied by a slight majority of Americans, than it is ‘strong.'”

In contrast, the GOP is described as “strong” more often than as “weak.”

A 60 percent majority of respondents agree that the state of the nation is “uneasy,” as well as “worrying” and “frustrating.”

“America’s mood is uneasy and worried. Amid continued inflation and stock market declines, large majorities describe their mood as such, and the percentage who call the economy bad has hit highs for the Biden presidency. The number who say things in the country are going badly overall is at the highest level of President Biden’s tenure, too, as pessimism about the market, the economy and prices drives views looking forward — and outweighs optimism about both jobs and coronavirus, as we head into summer,” the pollsters reported.

The CBS-YouGov poll of more than 2,000 adult residents has a margin of error of 2.5 percentage points.

Since Biden took office, the nation has been slammed with record high gas prices, a baby formula shortage, skyrocketing inflation, and a supply chain crisis.


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