“Never Once Did I Sit in Front of One of Those Meetings and Play Candy Crush on my Phone” – TGP’s Joe Hoft Unloads on Elections Director for Playing Phone Games During County Board Meeting

St. Charles County Director of Elections Kurt Bahr playing “Clash of Clans” on his phone during the public meeting.

It’s never a good idea to play Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, or any game while attending a Board Meeting, especially when the topic being discussed involves you.

Monday night in St. Charles, Missouri, in one of the biggest red counties in America, the St. Charles County Council Board held a meeting.  Those who showed up wanted to present information on issues with the 2020 Election and the recent School Board Elections in the County.  The County’s Director of Elections was there.  His name is Kurt Bahr.

The room was packed as many in the county want to know what is happening with this county’s election process.  Presenters discussed the recent canvassing work in the state and in the county.  This was reported on by The Gateway Pundit last week.

Missouri Canvassing Group Shares Results at State Capitol – They Find 25% of Targeted Sample of Residences Had Issues – Democrats Holler and Kick Them Out

Next, poll pads were discussed that were used in the recent School Board Elections in the County.  The Wentzville School Board election was the main topic.  This school district is making national news recently due to a child being raped in the district and the students being taught the radical left mantra that conservatives don’t care about people being shot by police.  The Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been an issue in this district as well.

In the recent Wentzville School Board election, it was discovered that individuals who worked the election were able to vote at least two times.  This was raised to Kurt Bahr but his response was to basically ignore the issue.  The poll pads weren’t confiscated and the whistleblower was later investigated by the police.

Another topic discussed was the voting machines where evidence was provided that they were not certified when they were used in the county.  Then finally the Wentzville School District election was discussed where 63 voters who voted for the winning candidate were over 90 years old.

During this meeting, those present noticed that the Director of Elections, Kurt Bahr, was playing a game on his iPhone while the event took place.  It was first referred to as Candy Crush but was later identified as Clash of Clans.

This is when Joe Hoft, contributing writer at TGP and radio host of the Joe Hoft Show on the Real Talk Radio network had an opportunity to speak.

Joe shared the following:

Here’s the thing.  Over in Hong Kong, I was a corporate executive, I was traveling the world I got to meet all these corporate bodies, executives, boards, board members, and I sat in front of board members, with individuals like you.  And I tell you what, never once did I sit in front of one of those meetings and play Candy Crush on my phone.  Because that what just happened just now. And we have pictures of that.

Here’s the entire Board meeting.  The discussion related to the issues in the county as presented by about ten members of the community begins at the 40:00 mark.  The presentation by Joe Hoft starts at the 1:21:07 mark and the below video is saved at that point.


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