NASA and the Pentagon Give Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Starlink Rave Reviews

The Pentagon and NASA are both raving about Elon Musk’s entities Starlink and SpaceX.  

This past week, Elon Musk’s Starlink was praised by the Pentagon for quickly evading Russian attacks. Musk allowed for the use of his satellites in Ukraine and his satellites were attacked as a result.  Starlink’s efforts to defend itself against Russian attacks impressed the military.

American Military News reported:

The U.S. Department of Defense has given rave reviews of billionaire Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service and the effectiveness it has already shown in defeating Russian electronic warfare attacks in Ukraine.

Dave Tremper, the director of electronic warfare for the Pentagon’s acquisition office noted how Starlink quickly shut down a Russian jamming effort just one day after it was detected. Temper said Musk’s satellite-internet service simply inserted a new line of code, “and suddenly that [Russian jamming attack] was not effective anymore.”

In comments reported by Defense News on Apr. 20, Temper said the way Starlink counteracted the electronic attack “is fantastic … and how they did that was eye-watering to me.”

Temper was so impressed by the way Starlink handled the attack, he called for the Pentagon to attain those same capabilities. He said the U.S. military is not currently able to make “those types of corrections” quickly and instead said it typically requires a “significant timeline” for such action from the government.

“The way that Starlink was able to upgrade when a threat showed up, we need to be able to have that ability,” Temper said. “We have to be able to change our electromagnetic posture, to be able to change very dynamically what we’re trying to do without losing capability along the way.”

At the same time, NASA is praising Musk’s SpaceX for its exceptional results of late.  This Musk company has been busy with multiple flights to and from space.  Musk has delivered satellites as well as humans into space.

Newsmax reports:

SpaceX brought up their U.S. and Italian replacements last week, after completing a charter trip to the station for a trio of businessmen.

That amounts to two crew launches and two splashdowns in barely a month. Musk’s company has now launched 26 people into orbit in less than two years, since it started ferrying astronauts for NASA. Eight of those 26 were space tourists.

SpaceX’s William Gerstenmaier, a vice president, called it “a pretty exciting time.” Barely five hours after splashdown, the company founded by Musk in 2002 launched another batch of its own internet satellites known as Starlinks from Cape Canaveral.

“Satellites are nice, but flying people are a little special and a little bit different, and the team here sure understands that,” he told reporters. “There’s a sense of relief and and a sense of accomplishment that you know you’ve done something good.”

NASA is more impressed than ever, given SpaceX’s hectic pace of late. The only problem of note in the latest flight was a mechanical nut that wiggled loose and floated away from the SpaceX capsule following Thursday’s undocking. Officials assured everyone it would not pose a danger to the space station.

“Look at all this work in the last month,” said Kathy Lueders, NASA’s space operations mission chief. “I really want to personally thank SpaceX for just, wow, just performing such seamless operations on all those missions.”

The astronauts said their mission was highlighted by the three visitors and their ex-astronaut escort who dropped by in April, opening up NASA’s side of the station to paying guests after decades of resistance.

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