EXCLUSIVE: Parents in Missouri Wentzville School District Have Had Enough (VIDEO)

The disgusting tactics of elites and Democrats and their lies used to take over the country and divide it are everywhere.  A growing school district in a red county is only one example.

The Wentzville School District is on the western edge of the St. Louis metropolitan area.  It holds a number of families in the fast-growing St. Charles County which is one of the largest conservative counties in America.  This school district, however, is promoting far-left material in its classrooms and is also where horrendous acts of violence have occurred.

Recently it was reported that the District promoted a question in a test that falsely claimed that Republicans are likely to ignore a police shooting if a victim is black.

Wentzville School District Comes Under Fire for Disgusting Cop Shooting Test Question (VIDEO)

Last year the Wentzville School District said that it wasn’t pushing CRT in the classrooms but the evidence showed otherwise.   This was identified by the parents in the district.

Missouri’s Wentzville School District Tells Parents They’re Not Teaching CRT But Evidence Shows Otherwise

More recently it was reported that a young autistic girl was allegedly raped multiple times in a school in the district.

Lawsuit Filed Against Missouri School District After Autistic Teen Was Raped Twice By Other Students

Parents in the district had the opportunity to share their comments with the school board late last week in a School Board Meeting.  These parents expressed their disgust with what is going on in the schools in the district and are demanding things get cleaned up quickly.

Below is a packet of indoctrination material in Missouri schools (see SCCParentsAssociation.com)

Mo Schools Indoctrination Packet 052222 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Here is a sample of obscene material being pushed in Missouri schools:

Mo School Obscenities Packet 052222 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Here is a summary video of last week’s meeting:

Here is a video of some of the parents comments at the latest school board meeting in Wentzville, Missouri:

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