ELON MUSK’S RESPONSE Immediately Shuts Up Entertainment Reporter Who Asks Why He Spent $44 Billion on Twitter Instead of Doing “Something For Charity?” [VIDEO]

100 Percent Fed Up – On Monday, all of our biggest celebrities flocked to New York for the annual Met Gala, “fashion’s biggest night out.” Among the attendees was the man who has been making headlines lately: Elon Musk.

Musk, accompanied by his mother, Maye Musk, posed on the red carpet and stopped for interviews along with the other celebrities.

Elon Musk and his mother Maye Musk

One reporter from Entertainment Tonight took the opportunity to ask Musk about his recent purchase of the social media platform Twitter. However, her intentions were not to genuinely ask about the purchase, but rather to try and accuse him of poor money-spending choices.

After greeting Musk, the reporter said, “There are some critics out there that would say… why didn’t you use the money that you purchased Twitter with to do something for charity, philanthropy, or good with that money?”

Elon Musk being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight at the 2022 Met Gala

Musk replied to this critique by very clearly explaining that he is doing a lot more good for humanity than, likely, most of the celebrities in attendance.

“Well, I do do a lot of things, uh, philanthropically,” said Musk. “Really, my companies are intended to do good for the future of humanity, with Tesla trying to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport and energy. And SpaceX is providing internet to the least-served people around the world.”

“And also what you’ve done for Ukraine as well during this time,” the reporter added.

“Yeah, absolutely,” said Musk. “So, we’re able to help Ukraine with the Starlink terminals and give them productivity in particularly some of the hardest-hit areas.”

“So, you know, aspirationally I am trying to do good for humanity and the future of civilization,” concluded Musk.

The reporter then switched topics, asking Musk why he chose to attend the Met Gala, to which he very sweetly responded, “My mom wanted to come, so I brought my mom. That’s the reason.”





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