BIDEN ECONOMY: Markets Rocked – DOW Down More than 1,000 Points – NASDAQ Down 5%

The markets dropped dramatically today as the DOW landed down more than 1,000 points.  

The DOW and the markets as a whole were down today to no one’s surprise who’s been living under the Biden regime’s insane policies.  The Business Insider reported:

US stocks plunged on Thursday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling 1,060 points and wiping out Wednesday’s rally. The Nasdaq 100 fell as much as 6%, while the S&P 500 was down about 4%.

Thursday’s decline represented the Dow’s worst day since June 11, 2020, when the 30-member index plunged more than 1,800 points. Despite the sharp intra-day volatility, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 are only down 0.5% so far this week.

Investors continue to digest Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s comments from yesterday’s meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, which helped spark a near-1,000 point rally in the Dow at the end of Wednesday’s session, representing its best day since 2020.

Bitcoin also tanked as oil prices surged.

The Biden economy is a total failure.  Just today TGP reported that diesel prices reached all-time highs in the United States.

ANOTHER BIDEN RECORD: Diesel Hits New Record High on Thursday

The Biden/Obama gang seemed not to care, almost as if they were trying to destroy the US economy.  Instead, Biden’s corrupt AG Garland announced that the DOJ was creating another entity that is unconstitutional and contrary to common sense.

Attorney General Merrick Garland Unveils New “Office of Environmental Justice” to Advance Biden’s Climate Agenda (VIDEO)

These people do not like this country.  They are trying to destroy it. 

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