“Without Freedom of Speech, Everything Else Is Irrelevant… Without Freedom of Elections All of This is Just Chatter” – Pamela Geller on the Global Left’s Attack on Freedom

Pamela Geller was on The Joe Hoft Show on the Real Talk Network on Thursday to discuss current events and the current social and political landscape.  

Pamela has been fighting the radical left and brutal Islamist threat for over two decades.   She was famously targeted by jihadists who issued a fatwa for her death numerous times over the years.

During Thursday’s interview she shared the horrific experience on how two Islamists attempted an attack on her free speech event in Texas in 2015.  These radical Islamists traveled from Arizona to Texas to kill Pamela.  They were shot dead before they could kill others.

Pamela then survived another jihadist plot on her life.  This time an ISIS devotee planned to kill her at her home.  He was caught on his way to her residence.  She testified at his trial  where he was sentenced to 28 years in prison for the attempt on her life.

In 2018 Pamela’s daughters were doxxed by a writer at the Daily Beast.  The writer Taylor Lorenz doxed her lovely and successful young daughters.   This was only a couple of years after Pamela was nearly killed in Texas.  Lorenz was rewarded following her disgusting hit piece on Geller’s daughters with a position at The New York Times.

Lorenz, who is now at the Washington Post. She continues to dox individuals she does not agree with, often targeting their family members and minors.

WaPo Supports Their Reporter Taylor Lorenz Despite Horrible Record of Doxing Innocent Children Including Endangering Lives of Pamela Geller’s Children

Pamela discussed this situation and what it was like as a parent to have her children put in mortal danger by Taylor Lorenz and the liberal media.  This was after Pamela was put on a list of targets by ISIS.

If you can’t share a piece of artwork or you can’t share a cartoon then anything is verboten.  Yes, I’ve known Jim, it’s got to be going on 20 years and we’ve always shared the vision that our age was witnessing the ultimate climax of the long process of destruction at the end of the road by really, the global left.

Yes, I focused on jihad, because that was what I saw as the imminent threat to our freedom.  I felt without freedom of speech, everything else is irrelevent…

…Without freedom in elections, all of this is just chatter.  It’s flapping tongues.  Why that is not the preeminant issue for every Republican Congressman, Senator, etc.  Everyone who has not made this the priority is part of the problem.

Next Pamela talked about Taylor Lorenz “who attempted to destroy another effective Twitter account, another effective voice.”

Her first casualty as you know were my children.  When they were unsuccessful in taking me down no matter how they targeted me, no matter what they did, no matter what they said, they went for my kids who were completely apolitical… I was living under a very serious fatwa, which is an Islamic death ruling under Sharia, under Islamic law.  We had a joint terrorism task force in my house, almost every day for a while.  It was a very terrifying situation and she [Lorenz] outed them.

Pamela then talked about the takeover of our institutions and how the monsters claim they are the victims. The rest of the interview was amazing.

Listen to the entire discussion below.


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