“You’ve Been Widely Praised for Your Stint Here at the White House” – CNN Hack Chris Wallace Praises Jen Psaki

Chris Wallace is at it again praising lying Jen Psaki as a great White House Press Secretary.

Back in October, disgraced CNN reporter Chris Wallace claimed that Jen Psaki was one of the greatest White House Press Secretaries ever.

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Wallace is at it again this week.  This time Wallace is with CNN where his far-left bias is free to roam.  This stuff from Wallace was difficult to watch.  Mediaite reported:

Chris Wallace praised White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for bringing “civility” back to the White House during an interview streamed on CNN+ Wednesday.

Psaki sat down with the former, longtime Fox News host as she prepares to depart the West Wing on her way to a TV gig at MSNBC.

During the interview, Wallace heaped endless praise on Psaki. He noted she has been celebrated for her handling of the briefing room throughout the last year.

The mainstream media loved Psaki for many reasons.   She wasn’t part of a Trump Administration.  She was part of a gang that stole the election from Trump.  Also, she was a great liar.

During her time in the White House Americans saw the difference between the way in which the media handled a corrupt White House and the manner in which the media handled President Trump’s America-first Administration.  The difference was night and day.

Wallace surely knows this.  The world knows it.  Instead of asking Psaki about Joe Biden’s senility or the real question Americans want to know – who’s running the White House – Wallace praises the most dishonest press secretary in ages.

Chris Wallace and the American media are pathetically showing their true bias.  This is why no one trusts American media anymore.


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