WATCH: Suveillance Footage Confirms School Guards Assaulted, Framed Single Father Put On House Arrest For Refusing To Mask 7-Year-Old Son


Surveillance footage obtained by the Gateway Pundit confirms Denver Public Security Guards employed with Lowry Elementary School in Denver, Colorado assaulted the single father of a 7-year-old boy for refusing to send his son to school in a mask.

As the Gateway Pundit reported, Lowry Elementary school officials persistently harassed 42-year old Anthony Chavez for standing by his decision to send his son Chase to school unmasked after the state’s governor rescinded the mask mandate for indoor venues.

“Chase’s teacher began putting window screens around him and around his desk,” the Native American Coloradoan explained. “I instructed Chase to kindly put the windows next to the trash and not allow himself to be separated.

“They were attempting to have him sit six feet away from the other children while they were in their ‘numbers corner.’ They made him walk in front of the other kids as they walked through the halls to art class. I found out and I said, ‘That is not going to happen anymore and put a stop to it.’”

The interim assistant principal attempted to bribe Chase into wearing a mask by “offering bags of potato chips, candy and extra recess” if he complied.

“I sent them an email instructing them to stop going against my parental directive – my instructive was clear, ‘Do not try to incentivize or try to manipulate my son to wear a mask for any reason.’ But he continued to do it,” Anthony said.

Relentless refusal to comply with the mask mandate resulted in Lowry Elementary School and the school district retaliating against the father and son. School officials and guards issued repeated warnings and threats barring Anthony from the school premises.

After being warned by the principal and guards that he was no longer permitted access on school premises, Chavez began dropping Chase off at the schoolyard where was greeted by guards and escorted into the building.

On January 25, the dispute between the Chavez family and Lowry Elementary School escalated, impeding Anthony’s ability to earn a living and Chase’s ability to attend any school in the district and may even jeopardize Chavez’s custody of his son.

The principal and gym teacher demanded Chase wear a mask during gym class. When he refused, they escorted the second-grader out of the gymnasium into a hall where he was surrounded by a team of security guards.

“Janice Spearmen, the Special Assignment Interim Principal, called me insisting I encourage Chase to wear a mask in the gym. I said, ‘I just can’t go along with it anymore, Jan. I’m sorry.’ The most shocking part about it is, when I picked my son up, they had Denver Public School security was there already.” Chavez said. “When Spearman called me she knew I was not going to cooperate with that.

Late to drop Chase off at school on January 27, the front door of the school was locked after the bell rang.

With only Anthony’s 86-year-old great-grandmother in the state to help care for his son, Anthony ignored “irrational” trespassing restrictions and walked Chase to the front door of the school to assure he safely made it to class.

Anthony maintains the school’s security guard, Robert Grossaint, blocked him from walking back to his car before shoving him to the ground and brawling with him in the parking lot to stop him from leaving in an effort to frame him with trespassing charges and assault.

Surveillance footage of the incident recorded by teachers witnessing the assault while class was in session and bodycam footage recorded by the Denver Police Department and Denver Public Security corroborate Anthony’s claims.

Two guards are seen following Anthony and Chase as they walk to the school building. Officer Groissant and a female guard begin following him. Grossaint attempts to use his body barricade to prevent Anthony to the parking lot and shoves him. A female security guard assists Grossaintt with constraining Anthony on the ground as he was pepper-sprayed.


Following the assault, Chavez was placed on house arrest.

Grossaint provided police with three different accounts of what transpired,  Chavez noted after reviewing the security guard’s testimony.

With no family around to take care of him while his father strategized maintaining employment on house arrest, Chase continued attending class at Lowry Elementary following the assault until he was allegedly physically abused by Susan Rayburn on February 18.

Susan Rayburn, Denver Public School Special Education Resource Teacher allegedly choked 7-year-old Chase Chavez and threw him across a room.

As the Gateway Pundit has reported, Rayburn, an LGBTQ activist and special ed teacher allegedly choked the small boy while placing him in a restraint hold, carrying him from room to room with her elbows wrapped around his neck. Chase claims he was unable to breathe until she threw him across a room where he landed in a play pin.

Donations provided to Anthony and Chase by the Gateway Pundit’s readers have allowed him to afford the exorbitant fees needed to retain private legal counsel.

After he is cleared of the bogus trespassing charges, Anthony intends to pursue charges against the guards who assaulted him and hold the school district accountable for assault and child abuse, his lawyer explained.

“The video is unbelievable. The security guards totally assaulted my client,” defense attorney Robert Biordino told the Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview. “We have to get rid of the criminal cases and we’re taking it from there. I have handled over 6,000 heavy criminal cases. After practicing law for 24 years, my problem with this case is we have a single parent who is being falsely portrayed as an insidious person when in fact he’s the one being treated in an aggressive manner by the government.

You can even see that Anthony had walked his son to the door after he heard the morning bell. He sees someone at the door and Anthony literally just said bye to his kids, walks away and gets assaulted – he’s not even confronting anyone. The assault on him began when he was walking to his truck, then the guard blocked the exit. My client has shown great restraint to the point where I am amazed as a parent that he can be this restrained on his own. Chase didn’t want to wear a mask at the gym. Who would?”

Lowry Elementary School and the Denver County school district attempted to force Anthony to abuse his son, Biordino argued.

“For Mr. Chavez to comply with their orders he’s got to commit child abuse because he would be putting his 7-year-old child in a negligent situation by making him walk across the campus alone — it’s absolutely crazy to me. Is 7-year-old Chase going to walk half a mile to the school? How does he even get into the building?  The rule for the school is if the doors are closed and you’re a minute late, the parent is supposed to bring him into the school to the principal’s office and they were not letting him bring him to the front door,” he said. “That would be placing his son in a  negligent situation. The school is creating a situation whereby the parent would have to break the law to comply with their order. It’s insane.

“He needs to protect his kid. And he’s in Denver. It’s one thing if he is in a lucrative neighborhood like Castle Pines or Cherry Creek, but he’s not going to have his kid walk however far out of his view in Denver. He can’t leave him home alone. If we had a seven-year-old child walking around, I think we would all agree the parent would be responsible for child abuse. They are telling my client to break the law.”

After reviewing all the evidence and footage, Biodino contends it’s clear the police officers who apprehended Anthony willfully neglected to conduct an adequate investigation and instead readily penalized the struggling single father for refusing to comply with COVID-19 marching orders.

“There’s a saying in the law, ‘Leave no stone unturned’ — isn’t that what a good investigator does? A cop’s job when they do an investigation is to gather information from witnesses, look at the video or audio and try to figure out what happened. When the cops arrived to the scene Anthony told them, ‘I’ve documented the start of all this on video — I can show you I’ve been assaulted.’ They ignored evidence. They did not investigate. How do you ignore a video that he says is exculpatory of someone you are going to put handcuffs on? I win a lot of trials because I show what the police don’t do, like in this case. How does a cop who is there to investigate not look at the video? They went out of their way to arrest someone who didn’t do anything wrong.

“Anthony is facing assault and trespassing charges. Typically the district attorney would look at this case and dismiss it — that would be the normal course of business. The problem here is the DA has dug their heels in so hard to protect these government workers or agents  I may have to go to trial on a case they literally fabricated.”

Totalitarian mandates trickle down from the federal government into the school system, authorizing petty tyrants to discriminate and criminalize, the veteran litigator argued.

“Back in December, the mask mandate was lifted. I was just in court today, no one was wearing a mask there. So why are we in the middle of January wrestling, grabbing and physically assaulting a child to put a mask on? As a parent, I can only imagine how Chavez feels,” he said. “It’s a trickle-down, continuation of what’s coming from DC. This is how Nazi Germany was ushered in –the police officers, the security guard,  and even the janitors, they think they are dictators and can tell you how to live your life. Look at the flight attendants on airplanes. They are like the Hitler brownshirts — ‘You better pull your mask up over your nose because it’s not over your nose I am going to have to stop the plane to kick you off.’

“Anthony’s son has been with him solely since he was 6 months old. He doesn’t have a mom in the kid’s life. We are dealing with one parent who is placed in an abusive situation, not by choice. They put him in a restraint hold. We are subpoenaing everything. We are going to get the footage of the stranglehold incident. The whole thing. Chase is in counseling now. Anthony had to get him into counseling. Chase is out of school. The boy is not comfortable. An adult teacher grabbing — think about that, if your 7-year-old kid was being treated that way and you’re a parent, think about how reserved Anthony has been.”

Help support Anthony and Chase Chavez’s legal battle against the Denver Public School system here. 

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