UPDATE: Karl Rove Is Reportedly Desperately Fighting Subpoena in Greitens Case


Multiple sources confirm to that Sheena Greitens Lied — She is now facing possible felony perjury charges and several charges for filing a false report of abuse.

Establishment GOP operative Karl Rove is desperately fighting a court subpoena.


New Evidence filed in Boone County Missouri on Friday, April 8th, proves that Sheena Greitens worked with Karl Rove and other politically connected operatives to make up false allegations about MAGA US Senate Candidate Eric Greitens.  Extensive photographic evidence, as well as notes and records from doctors, dentists, a therapist, and a mediator, all show that Sheena Greitens committed perjury and submitted a false report of abuse.  Karl Rove and Sheena are now both fighting subpoenas for their cell phone records.

Eric Greitens, the former Navy SEAL and former Governor of Missouri, was the first US Senate candidate in the country to come out against Mitch McConnell.  A strong leader in the polls, he is supported by many of President Trump’s closest allies.  Donald Trump, Jr. went shooting with Greitens in Missouri just days ago.

During the week of March 14, while Eric Greitens was on Spring Break for eight days with his sons, Sheena Greitens was in Washington D.C., where she notarized and leaked to the press false allegations of child abuse and domestic violence. 

Karl Rove, after first denying to Breitbart news, later admitted to investigative journalist John Solomon that he worked with Sheena on her allegations.  Rove worked closely enough with Sheena Greitens that he was calling people to talk about the substance and timing of Sheena’s false allegations.  For her part, Sheena Greitens at first denied working with Rove or other political operatives.  She has since changed her story and in an Affidavit filed at the end of March, now says only that Rove “did not draft” her false affidavit.  She now admits that she started working with others on her false affidavit by at least March 16, five days before the liberal media ran with the story.

Sheena’s allegations were initially suspect not only because they were crafted in D.C., but because Eric Greitens has shared joint physical and legal custody for two years, and the supposed allegations were from years ago, all before Sheena agreed on the parenting plan which has the boys spend the majority of their free time with their Dad.

In one of the most egregious allegations, Sheena made up a false story that Eric Greitens hit one of their children and knocked his tooth out.  That story has been completely debunked!

Eric Greitens’ attorneys submitted to the court over 50 photographs and over 20 videos from the month in question, all of which show that both boys are completely fine—and in fact quite in love with and happy with their Dad.  Greitens’ attorneys also submitted as exhibits Sheena Greitens’ own photographs, Sheena’s own emails, and the complete medical and dental record.

Eric Greitens’ attorneys also pointed to two clear instances of perjury on Sheena’s part.  First, she swore under oath in 2020 that she had disclosed all material facts relevant to the welfare of her sons.  Her D.C.-created statement said the exact opposite.  One of them is false.  Second, Sheena claimed that she told a mediator and a therapist about “abuse”.  That was also false.  Both a therapist and a mediator are mandatory reporters of abuse, and neither made a report, refuting Sheena’s false claim.  In addition to the two possible felony counts of perjury, Sheena Greitens’ false report of abuse is also a crime, punishable by up to one year in jail.

Rove, meanwhile, has continued to fight the subpoena for his cell phone records, as does Sheena Greitens and Mitch McConnell-linked staffer Catherine Linkul.

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