DEFINITIVE PROOF: Attorneys Reveal Karl Rove Conspired with Sheena Greitens To Contrive FALSE ACCUSATIONS Against Eric Greitens

At a press conference at the US District Court in Washington, D.C., Defense attorney Tim Parlatore provided definitive proof that Sheena Greitens, Eric Greiten’s ex-wife, conspired with conservative political operative Karl Rove to frame the former Missouri governor with false abuse allegations against the Missouri senatorial candidate earlier this month.

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Parlatore has filed four subpoenas to obtain phone records detailing when Sheena Greitens’s correspondence with Rove, warning the candidate’s ex-wife was exploited by Rove who persuaded her into committing perjury.


In May of 2020, Sheena Greitens signed a sworn affidavit in a Missouri court that she had disclosed all material facts related to the welfare of their sons.  She agreed to the joint parenting plan that gave their father, Eric Greitens, the majority of the free time with his sons and swore that it was in the children’s best interest.

The week of March 14, 2022, when Governor Greitens was on Spring Break with his sons, Sheena Greitens was caught working with Karl Rove and one of Mitch McConnell’s key lieutenant’s staffers to launch a series of terrible accusations against Greitens. These 2018 allegations predate her sworn statements in 2020.

Parlatore pointed out that the two statements stand in direct contradiction.  They cannot both be true. The claims made in the DC affidavit have never been made before in any filing or report over the last four years, including in the two court motions Sheena Greitens just lost when she tried to move jurisdiction for her parenting plan to Karl Rove’s hometown of Austin, Texas.

Karl Rove and others asked Sheena to claim that she purposefully and willfully put her sons in jeopardy by never sharing any of this alleged information with the mediator, the judge, any law enforcement officer, medical professional, teacher, or school official of any kind.

RINO operative Karl Rove admitted to journalist John Solomon that he worked with Sheena for months to create a problem for the former Governor in his campaign for the US Senate.

Now Rove could face criminal charges for suborning perjury, along with Catherine Linkul.  Linkul is the VP of strategy for a DC-insider firm run by Mitch McConnell’s key lieutenant, Phil Cox. Linkul is also Sheena Greitens’ sister, and Sheena Greitens said in a tweet that she gave these accusations to her immediate family.  Suspiciously, the allegations in Greitens’ false exhibit were notarized in Washington, D.C., just blocks from the office of McConnell’s Lieutenant.

When Karl Rove pushed these false allegations, RINOs Eric Schmitt and Vicky Hartzler jumped all over them.


Pathetic. Looks like justice is now coming for the RINOs from DC to Missouri.


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