Trump PAC Sends $500,000 to Group Working to Defeat Gov. Kemp in Georgia Primary

President Donald Trump’s political action committee has sent $500,000 to a group working to defeat Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in the upcoming Republican primary.

Trump’s Save America PAC sent the massive contribution to the Get Georgia Right Super PAC at the end of March.

Get Georgia Right is a federal Super PAC organized to “make Georgia Red Again,” according to their website.

The Georgia gubernatorial primary takes place on May 24, and Trump has endorsed former Sen. David Perdue in his challenge against the incumbent.

Politico reports, “Since receiving the donation from Save America PAC on March 25, the anti-Kemp Get Georgia Right super PAC began running a TV ad saying that Kemp ‘dismissed concerns about voter fraud in the 2020 election.’ The ad argued that ‘if Kemp can’t beat voter fraud, he won’t beat [Democratic candidate] Stacey Abrams’ in the November general election.”

“President Trump has demonstrated a strong interest in making sure the truth emerges about what happened in Georgia. He has also stated that the best way to solve this problem is electing people who acknowledge it and are committed to improving election integrity,” Jessica Freese, a Get Georgia Right spokesperson, told the outlet.

A recent poll conducted by Emerson College found that Kemp has 43 percent of the support among the five Republican contenders, while Perdue is currently taking 32 percent.

During an appearance on John Frederick‘s conservative talk radio program earlier this month, Trump said that “it’s always hard to beat a sitting governor. It’s hard. It’s very hard to beat, because they have a lot of money behind them. You know, everybody is giving them money. But we will see what happens.”

Trump added, “it’s a shame. It’s a shame. Not easy to beat a sitting governor. Just remember that.”

The former president is clearly not giving up, however, judging by this recent donation.

Trump also held a rally in Commerce, Georgia, on March 26, in which he made his endorsement clear.

Perdue told Fox News, “only about half of Republicans in the state understood that I had Trump’s endorsement. He wanted to make sure he laid that down with no misunderstanding. So that was huge thing.”


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