Sen Cruz Humiliates Woke Yale Student… Makes Her Wish She Never Called Him a “Racist” [VIDEO]

100 Percent Fed Up – Ted Cruz’s podcast and show ‘Verdict with Ted Cruz’ has begun its college campus tour with Young America’s Foundation, kicking off at Yale University where Cruz and his co-host Michael Knowles took on “the belly of the leftist beast.”

Cruz’s assumptions about the audience he would face at Yale were not an exaggeration, as he faced protests against his visit and was bombarded with questions from woke, leftist students who decided to join the audience in an attempt to disrupt his event.

One attendee, in particular, was so bold as to accuse Cruz of racism, to which he gave a fantastic response that left the woke student without much of a response.

Maia Cook, a first-year Yale student pursuing a degree in Pre-Law Studies – per her LinkedIn profile – stood up to ask Cruz about his questioning of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

“Good evening Senator Cruz, thank you so much for coming to Yale this evening,” began Cook. “And I think in the spirit of the Buckley Program’s celebration of intellectual diversity, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate our newest addition to the Supreme Court of the U.S. – who I know we’ve already talked about – Justice Jackson. Since you’re here tonight though, in the name of fostering intellectual diversity in academic spaces, it would appear to me that you already recognize the importance of new perspectives, and as a young woman, seeing Justice Jackson on the Supreme Court is invigorating, truly.”

Yale student Maia Cook at Ted Cruz’s Yale event

“And, on Tuesday, it baffled me that you would ask such flagrantly racist questions, um, to this exceedingly well-qualified candidate,” Cook continued. “Your colleagues in the GOP promised a respectful and dignified hearing for Justice Jackson and, to me, you did not uphold this. So today I wanted to create a space where you might be able to challenge your own thinking, as prudent scholars often do. So, I’m here to ask you: What are two nice comments you can give about recent nominee Justice Jackson’s judicial experience besides from ‘she has an easy smile’?”

“Yeah, you racist,” joked Knowles, who was with Cruz onstage. “What’s the comment?”

After thanking Cook for her “substantive”, “important” question, Cruz gave her an answer:

“There’s a lot to praise about Judge Jackson. She is very very bright, she is very very accomplished, uh, she is very talented. She has an impressive and inspiring personal story. I will say, sitting and listening to her opening remarks where she described her personal story, she described her parents’ journey… it is absolutely inspiring to see an African American woman serving on the Supreme Court.”

Cruz then moved away from the question itself to discuss a broader issue concerning the hypocrisy of the Left, using an example of the Left’s horrible treatment of Clarence Thomas.

[W]hen it comes to issues of race, I think both the press and the modern Left are hypocritical on this question. That they only define someone as Black, or they only define someone as Hispanic, if they agree with them ideologically.

So, Clarence Thomas has been on the court for decades. Clarence Thomas is a Black man. The Left hates him. They despise Clarence Thomas.”

Cruz then continues to describe the “vitriol that was heaped on Clarence Thomas” and the “nasty, racist language from the Left.”

Justice Clarence Thomas, a black Supreme Court Justice, has continuously fallen prey to the hatred and ridicule of the Left. In fact, when he recently was sick with Covid-19, the Left overtly expressed their sickening wish that he would die from this illness.

While the Left condemns GOP lawmakers and calls them “racist” for intently questioning Judge Jackson – which is an important part of the process – they are righteous in openly wishing death on a Black man because they do not agree with his politics.

The Senator then points out that if you don’t agree with the Left, they will “demonize and attack you” regardless of your race, but if you’re a minority that agrees with their ideology, the Left will praise you and accuse anyone who disagrees of being a racist.

“You said that my questioning of Judge Jackson was – you used the term ‘racist’,” Cruz said, addressing Cook. “Listen, racism is a horrific evil in this country. It is also an insult that the Left tosses around casually.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (right) and co-host Michael Knowles (left) speaking at a Verdict with Ted Cruz event

Cruz then points out that every question he asked Judge Jackson “concerned her record,” pointing out that this is the “job of the Senate in the advice and consent process.”

“So, respectfully,” continued Cruz, “I could not disagree more deeply when you say it is racist to examine a judge based on their record.”

Cruz also points out that an African American woman named Janice Rogers Brown, a Supreme Court Justice on the California Supreme Court, was nominated to the D.C. Circuit by George W. Bush.

“The Democrats filibustered Judge Brown,” said Cruz. “That filibuster was led by a guy named Joe Biden. The reason they filibustered Judge Janice Rogers Brown is because she was a Black woman, but she was also Conservative. And they did not want her to go to the Supreme Court.”

“You know, do you think the Democrats were all sexist when they voted party line against Amy Coney Barrett? I’m willing to bet you don’t because she’s not a Liberal woman,” continued Cruz. “So, you can’t have it both ways which is that when a Democratic nominee has a certain characteristic, anyone who opposes them is racist or sexist or what have you. But, when a Republican nominee has those characteristics, it’s open season and you can go after them full force and the Left is righteous in doing so.”

WATCH the full episode below:

Watch a shortened clip below:

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