Rudy Giuliani on a List of Americans Sanctioned by Iran – Meanwhile Biden Working to Remove Iranian Guard from US Sanctions List

Rudy Guiliani is on the list of individuals sanctioned by Iran. 

Israeli National News reported yesterday on a list of US individuals sanctioned by Iran:

Iran on Saturday sanctioned 24 Americans, including former US generals and former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a release quoted by The Hill that the 24 individuals were involved with “terrorist acts” and human rights violations while accusing them of depriving Iran of medical supplies and supporting economic punishments against the Iranian people.

The ministry also said the individuals were “financing and supporting terrorist groups and terrorist acts” against the Palestinian people in Israel.

According to the Tehran Times, the individuals named by Iran on Saturday include former Army Chief of Staff George Casey, former Gen. Austin Scott Miller of the Joint Special Operations Command, former Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, former Central Command Cmdr. Joseph Votel, and several other former military and government officials.

Giuliani joins former President Donald Trump and a slew of other officials under the former president’s administration sanctioned by the country.

The timing of this list is unbelievable after Biden is in talks to remove numerous terrorist entities in Iran from the US terrorist list.  These terrorists recently bombed the US military in Iraq.  To even consider taking any of these Iranian related entities off of sanctions lists is insane and anti-American.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Takes Credit for the Rocket Attack on US Base in Erbil, Iraq — 10 Days After Iran Asked Biden to Remove them from Terror List

Iran and other foreign countries are making a mockery of the US under Biden.  Everyone knows Biden is weak and his America is for sale. Biden could not be doing a better job of destroying America than he is doing right now – and he doesn’t even know it.

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