RINOs Celebrate Openly With Dems: Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski Stay and Applaud Ketanji Jackson’s SCOTUS Confirmation as Republican Colleagues Walk Out in Disgust – (VIDEO)

On Thursday, the US Senate confirmed Ketanji Jackson in a razor-thin 53-47 vote. It’s official – the most radical Supreme Court Nominee in history made the cut.

And it’s all thanks to the help of 3 RINO Senators – Mitt Romney (R-UT), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and Susan Collins (R-ME), who all broke ranks with Republicans to confirm Jackson’s seat on the highest court.

JUST IN: Senate Votes 53-47 to Confirm Radical Marxist Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court

Predictably, all three of these so-called ‘Republicans’ proved, yet again, that they are complete sellouts. However, Romney’s yes vote was especially inexcusable because he had previously voted against Jackson’s confirmation for a lower court.

How Romney went from voting no for a less important position to voting yes – after the confirmation hearings horror show, no less – is borderline indefensible. What tipped the scales? Was it Jackson’s pro-bono defense of America-hating terrorists? maybe her promotion of Marxist Critical Race Theory? How about that ghastly record with pedos and child porn offenders?

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Or was Romney simply just following his marching orders from the DC Swamp?

Whatever the reason, his constituents should definitely start asking him some questions about it, especially considering the exhibit he put on when Jackson was officially confirmed by the Senate on Friday.

In a shameless display of his traitorous nature, Romney remained on the Senate floor with his Democrat pals to cheer Jackson’s confirmation (and the weakening of the Supreme Court as we know it) as his Republican colleagues all walked out in disgust.

After all, it was thanks to Romney that the Democrats got their wishes. It’s only fitting he takes part in the celebration.


As Michael Knowles would say, “he is simply but a court jester in the kingdom of liberalism.” Romney’s sole purpose is to put Republicans in check while undermining their agenda.

Even though it looked like every other Republican left Romney to cheer on his own, he wasn’t the only sellout RINO to stick around.

Also remaining for the celebration was Lisa Murkowski, who indicated exactly where her allegiances lie with her seating choice, just in case there were any lingering suspicions about what side these RINO sellouts are truly on.

When these swamp creatures like Murkowski, Romney, and Collins show you their true colors, never forget it.

These RINOs have got to go.


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