Tom Cotton Blasts Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Pro-Bono Work For Gitmo Inmates: ‘Have You Ever Done Pro Bono Work for Victims of Terrorism?’

Senator Tom Cotton grilled Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson about her pro-bono work for four Guantanamo Bay inmates, asking her “have you ever done pro-bono work for victims of terrorism?”

The line of questioning came on day three of Jackson’s confirmation hearings.

“Senator, I’m not aware of any such cases in my law firm. I was in a group of lawyers that was often approached to ask ‘would you file a brief for some group’ and I’m not aware that any victims of terrorism asked our firm to participate,” Jackson replied.

Jackson represented the detainees while working as a federal public defender at a private law firm.

Her clients were an alleged al-Qaida bomb expert, a Taliban intelligence officer, a man who trained to fight American forces in Afghanistan, and a farmer with ties to the Taliban. None of them have been convicted.

Sen. Josh Hawley previously raised this issue, saying that he found it “a little concerning” that she kept representing the men after she went into private practice.


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