“I’m Really Disgusted with Republicans Who Are Telling Us to Move On…The Base Feels as Though a Massive Civil Injustice Was Done to Them” – Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA on 2020 Election Fraud

On Sunday Turning Point USA Founder and President Charlie Kirk was in St. Louis and joined Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit and Real Talk 93.3 to discuss the 2020 election and related topics. 

Charlie Kirk is the founder of Turning Point USA.  His website shares the following:

Charlie Kirk is the Founder and President of Turning Point USA, a national student movement dedicated to identifying, organizing, and empowering young people to promote the principles of free markets and limited government. With a presence on over 2,000 high school and college campuses nationwide, 250,000 student members, and over 450 full- and part-time staff, Turning Point USA is the largest and fastest-growing conservative youth activist organization in the country.

Charlie Kirk had much to say about the 2020 Election and the efforts to uncover what happened and how it was stolen.

Charlie first told us about the events addressed in the upcoming movie, 2000 Mules.  Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote uncovered a massive and organized ballot harvesting operation that occurred in several battleground states across the country during the 2020 election.

Charlie Kirk told us he is featured in the film.

Kirk shared these powerful words during his interview with Joe Hoft:

We have to be relentless.  We can’t turn a blind eye to this.  The Republican establishment wants to move on.  I think we have to stay continually factual and precise because I think there are some left-wing groups trying to put some things in that aren’t true, at times, in this conversation to try and discredit us.  So we have to be unafraid to say, ‘I don’t know about that’.

But when you have sworn testimony, when you have truck drivers, when you have purchase orders, you gotta look into these things.  So I’m really disgusted with Republicans who are telling us to move on…

The base of the Republican Party which I spend a lot of time with, they feel as though a massive civil injustice was done to them.  And they’re right.  They feel as if, that they do everything that they’re supposed to do.  They pay their taxes, they raise their kids, they obey traffic laws.  And yet their country, their beloved home was taken from them in the middle of the night.  And that should make your blood boil.  That should make you angry.  We in our soul have a programming towards justice.

Watch the entire interview below:

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Joe Hoft is a Radio Host at TNTRadio.live, Author, Former International Corporate Executive in Hong Kong for a Decade, and a Contributor at TGP since 2016. Joe is the author of five books, including his new bestseller, "The Steal: Volume II - The Impossible Occurs" which addresses the stolen 2020 Election and provides an inventory of issues that prove that the 2020 Election was uncertifiable and never should have been certified for Joe Biden.

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