ONE DOWN: Former Good Place Actress Turned Annoying Activist Jameela Jamil Quits Twitter Over Elon Musk Purchase

Former Good Place actress turned obnoxious leftist activist Jameela Jamil has quit Twitter over Elon Musk purchasing the platform.

Jamil specifically cited her anti-free speech sentiments as the reason for her departure.

“Ah he got twitter. I would like this to be my what lies here as my last tweet. Just really *any* excuse to show pics of Barold. I fear this free speech bid is going to help this hell platform reach its final form of totally lawless hate, bigotry, and misogyny. Best of luck. ❤️” Jamil tweeted, along with four photos of herself appearing to play with her dog in her bra.

Earlier in the day, Jamil had tweeted hinting at her upcoming rage quit.

“One good thing about Elon buying twitter is that I will *FINALLY* leave and stop being a complete menace to society on here. So it’s win win for you all really,” Jamil wrote, as Twitter users waited for the announcement.

Jamil previously used the platform for important endeavors such as getting a small business’ contract with Macy’s cancelled because she found portion control jokes offensive.


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