“Normal People Have More Brains Than Entire Room Full of Politicians” – Regent University’s Michele Bachmann on The Jesse Watters Show (Video)

Former Minnesota GOP Representative Michele Bachmann was on with Jesse Watters on FOX News on Thursday night.  The former Minnesota Representative and current Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University discussed the recent rising threat of globalism and her predictions for the 2022 midterm elections. 

FOX News reports:

Former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, a prominent figure in the Tea Party movement, said it is possible to see a similar popular electoral movement to brush the Biden administration and its Democratic allies out of power in the midterms.

Bachmann, now a dean at Regent University, told Fox News that it is clear average Americans want a change.

“Absolutely, it’s why I love normal people,” Bachmann said on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“[N]ormal people have more brains than a whole room full of politicians, and normal people are scared — they’re genuinely scared about what Joe Biden is saying, about the result of his collapsing policies, about the collapse of our economy. And people don’t like it. They want something different.”

“You know, you’ve got a huge wave when it isn’t just Republicans, when it’s Independents, when it’s apolitical people and when it’s Democrats — everybody’s dissatisfied. So you bet it’s a wave.”

Most Americans don’t want the New World Order Bachmann said is being heralded by Biden and global neoliberal political allies.

“When there’s a collapse on the economy, then government steps in and government gets bigger. That’s not what people want,” she said. “They don’t want bigger government. They don’t want this rise of authoritarianism. We spent five hours on Tuesday at Regent University [on a forum about globalism].”

Here is Michele’s full interview with Jesse Watters:

Michele discussed Tuesday’s event at Regent University.  This event Michele put together to discuss the threats of the New World order on individual rights and its impact on Americas’ civil liberties.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim and Joe Hoft spoke at the “Globalism Rising Authoritarianism and the Demise of Civil Liberties” conference at Regent University in Virginia Beach on Tuesday.

Jim and Joe opened the conference with a timeline of “The Rise of Authoritarianism from 2020-2022” in the US and around the world from the start of the COVID pandemic to today.

Here again is that speech.

“Rise of Authoritarianism from 2020-2022” The Gateway Pundit’s Jim and Joe Hoft’s Presentation at Regent University Conference (VIDEO)

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