After Completely Abdicating Hong Kong to China – Carrie Lam Won’t Seek Another Term in Hong Kong

Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, won’t seek reelection.  After succumbing to China and destroying individual rights in Hong Kong, Lamb must feel like she’s done enough.

A decade ago in 2012, Hong Kong was rated the freest country in the world for the prior 18 years in a row by the Heritage Foundation.  Its low taxes and simple tax regime were working as the country year after year enjoyed surpluses in its budget.

Hong Kong was rated the financial center of the world.  Even with protests against China’s increasing control of the tiny nation, many believed the city would remain the world’s top financial center.  Then in 202o the protests changed from the peaceful umbrella protests of the past.

The protests in 2020 became more violent and much damage occurred across the country.  The response was brutal as Hong Kong police clamped down hard on the protesters.

Then came COVID.  The CEO overseeing the country during these times was Carrie Lam.  She was just another China puppet.  She did everything China said.  A few years before her election, China mandated that the CEO candidates be picked by China.  The people of Hong Kong could choose from China’s picks.  Lam was chosen.

China ended the protests during COVID and has clamped down on the tiny nation ever since.  The world-class Hong Kong airport which used to have a quarter-million traveling through its turnstiles daily was nearly shut down with less than 10,000 travelers a day since COVID actions started in January 2020.  Lam oversaw all of this.

Now Lam has decided not to run for reelection.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said Monday she wouldn’t seek a second term after a rocky five years marked by huge protests calling for her resignation, a security crackdown that has quashed dissent and most recently a COVID-19 wave that overwhelmed the health system.

Her successor will be picked in May, with the city’s hard-line security chief during the 2019 protests seen as a likely choice.

“I will complete my five-year term as chief executive on the 30th of June this year, and I will also call an end to my 42 years of public service,” Lam said at a news conference. The 64-year-old career civil servant said she plans to spend more time with her family, which is her “sole consideration.”

Speculation had swirled for months about whether she would seek another term, and she repeatedly declined to comment on the possibility. But on Monday, she said her decision had been conveyed to the central government in Beijing last year and was met with “respect and understanding.”

Lam and Hong Kongers individual rights are moving on.  China is in full control now. 

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