Colorado State Rep. Suing to Have ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Added to His Name on the GOP Primary Ballot

Colorado State Rep. Dave Williams has filed a lawsuit to have “Let’s Go Brandon” added to his name on the upcoming Republican congressional primary ballots.

The lawmaker is suing Democrat Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold in his attempt to be listed as Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams.

The lawsuit claims that Rep. Williams has been using the phrase as his nickname since December.

In his filing, Rep. Williams also pointed out that less than a year ago, Blake Law ran for District Director E of the Thompson School District in Larimer County, Colorado using the nickname, “No Mandates.” As a result, he was listed as Blake “No Mandates” Law.

In an  interview with The Hill, Williams “acknowledged Griswold might take offense to the phrase but claimed Colorado state law had limited restrictions on using nicknames on ballots.”

“It represents a disgust out-of-control government,” Williams told The Hill, adding, “it means we’re not going to take it anymore.”

If elected to Congress, Williams intends to continue using the nickname.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office said in a statement that Williams is not using the nickname rules in “good faith.”

“While Colorado statute does permit the use of nicknames on the ballot, our office does not believe this is a good faith use of that statute and will cause confusion for voters. The Secretary of State’s Office looks forward to defending our practice of ensuring the ballot remains clear and accessible for all Colorado voters,” the office said in a statement.


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