ROGER STONE BLASTS The Jan 6 Committee Report: A Masterpiece of Lies, Hyperbole, Conjecture, Supposition, Fantasy, and “Guilt by Association”

Roger Stone Blasts the Jan 6 Committee Report as a “FICTION”

The report of Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked January 6 House Committee is out and needless to say, it is a masterpiece of lies, hyperbole, conjecture, supposition, fantasy, and “guilt by association.”

Of course, the crackpots, smear artists, and left-wing conspiracy theorists on Twitter will gin up the usual baseless “guilt by association” insinuations based on this inaccurate report.

Let me make clear that I have never spoken or communicated with former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in my entire life and I haven’t spoken to former Trump Trade advisor Peter Navarro in over three years. Even if I had spoken to them, which I didn’t, it would prove nothing!

The report specifically said, “When Roger Stone appeared to testify before the Select Committee and was asked questions about the events of January 6th, he repeatedly invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.”

As l made clear at the time, I invoked my Fifth Amendment rights not because I did anything wrong or have any information to hide but simply because I have had too much first-hand experience with the House Democrats’ ability to take innocuous, immaterial, and irrelevant comments made under oath and twist them into the crime of “lying to Congress”. Been there. Done that.

The committee report says they “want to question Mr. Navarro on…” the connections, involvement, and planning for January 6th events by Mr. Navarro, Roger Stone, and other individuals who have refused to provide testimony to the Select Committee”

I am so tired of being clickbait for leftists.  Let me make clear once again that I have NO connections, involvement nor was I involved in the planning of the events of January 6. There is no evidence or witness that would prove contrary.

Since it was the goal of Trump allies to seek a 10-day delay in the certification of the results of the Electoral College in order to more thoroughly examine the irregularities, anomalies, and, in some cases, outright fraud in the states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan Wisconsin, and Nevada. Those poor misguided souls who stormed the Capitol on January 6 destroyed any possibility of winning the votes necessary for this perfectly reasonable -and legal-delay in the certification of the election.

Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta wanted to make a special presentation to the Electoral College to argue against the certification of Donald Trump’s election based on non-existent Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. It was not considered treasonous, seditious, or improper. The hysteria over the January 6 fiasco proves once again that we have a two-tiered justice system. 

With these new revelations, I will once again have to fight to prevent these politically motivated hucksters who are, even as we speak, suing President Trump and me blaming us falsely for the January 6th riot.  You can help me fight these ghouls by donating at

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