President Trump Statement Shares Article – “Drudge Is Dead” – The Media Is Also Dead

Today President Trump shared an article on how the Drudge Report changed and is no longer the trusted source it once was for conservatives.

In 2016 and before the Gateway Pundit relished when we were frequently linked to by the Drudge Report.  We had numerous headlines on the Drudge Report.  When this happened, we knew that we had the top story in the country.  The Drudge Report was that important.

We reported on candidate Trump’s win out East and Ted Cruz’s imminent defeat and mathematical elimination from the 2016 Nomination in April 2016.  Drudge made this the headline where he produced another iconic image of the times sarcastically using Cruz’s campaign message of TrusTed.

Drudge linked to our post at The Gateway Pundit:

Those days are long gone.  We recognized this in 2017.  The Drudge Report is lost.  President Trump made this clear today when he shared this article on the former conservative website, The Drudge Report.

The article concludes:

The site became decidedly anti-Trump several years ago, and it isn’t even known for sure whether Matt Drudge remains the owner, be it in whole or part. He himself once craved personal attention, with his own ill-fated weekly Fox show (wearing the cliched reporter’s fedora, though mercifully not including a “press” card tucked into its band. (For the record, back in the days when nearly all male residents of American cities wore fedoras or similar dress headwear, they had the sense and civility to keep their hats off while indoors). He even wrote a book, “Drudge Manifesto,” which one fond Drudge admirer dismissed as “Lots of little phrases, most of them not complete sentences, all strung together in an incomprehensible stream-of-consciousness style.”

Today, Matt Drudge is apparently a confirmed recluse. Did he cash out? Did Trump treat him shabbily, so now he’s getting back at him? Did he change his politics? Whatever the answer, fine. But his past aficionados would like something approximating a manly explanation as to why the Drudge Report died.

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