Jada Pinkett Smith Caught LAUGHING After Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock In Newly Discovered Video

A new video shows Jada Pinkett Smith laughing after her “husband” Will Smith, slaps Chris Rock

100 Percent Fed Up – To anyone who may have thought Jada Smith wasn’t onboard with “the Slap,” here’s some proof that she was. Video footage shows her laughing as an unhinged Will Smith departs the stage after slapping Chris Rock.

From the New York Post:

The footage — recorded by a member of the Oscars audience sitting just two rows from the stage — went viral on social media Wednesday night, racking up more than 350,000 views.

In the vision, Smith can be seen storming off the stage and sitting back in his seat after assaulting Rock.

“Wow, Will Smith just smacked the s–t out of me!” Rock then remarks, with the video appearing to show Pinkett Smith’s head tilting forward with laughter.

Jada Smith’s laughter at her husband’s public display of violence at what is supposed to be a prestigious award show is as classy as it gets. Well, not quite as classy as her husband. However, it shows that the two really are made for each other.

This all begs the question: did she ask her husband to slap Chris Rock? It could be that she just found it funny, or that she antagonized it. Yet in either case, Will Smith’s slap certainly entertained her as much as it appalled others.

You can watch her shocking reaction here!

More rot coming from Hollywood where the majority of celebrities snub their noses at society’s morals and mock those of us who cherish our Christian-Judeo values.


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