Why Do We Fight for Free and Fair Elections? A Reader Supplies the Answer

The following message from reader is why we fight for election integrity and demand free and fair elections.  We love this country and respect what young warriors have given for our freedom.  We will not let foreign or domestic warriors steal our freedom.  

James Tesauro, a former Army Captain, shared the following message:

LTC Hal Moore is talking about the brave men who died over the course of battle in the Ia Drang Valley just days and hours prior to this interview. Imagine the gut-wrenching feelings going through a battle-tested leader like him at the moment he’s talking about his troopers.

And so – This is why we fight here and now for free and fair elections and don’t give a damn whether you worthless, crony, comfortable, money-hungry, sellout politicians – who never picked up a rifle or put on a pair of boots a day in your lives – like it or not.

Your lack of character to do the right thing is an insult to every single serviceman and woman this country has ever sacrificed for the brand of freedom.

And even though you smirk and laugh now – you will regret it in your gut one day for being cowards. And it will eat at your very existence. And I hope it does. Because you deserve to have your own self-preserving cowardice eat at your consciences.

That’s what cowardice does. It eats at a man. Until there’s nothing left of you. Because even if nobody else knows. You know. And all you’ll have left when you look back at your bank accounts and your false legacies will be what is heaped up on top of anything else you may count as an accomplishment – the cowardly act you committed when you didn’t have the guts to stand up and do the right thing when it really counted. And somebody else had to pick up the guidon or the torch and run towards the fight in your place. Because you were too damn scared to do the right thing.

I’m going to tell you what I and many others like me will do. I am going to dedicate however much longer it takes to win and at the same time, defeat whoever stands in the way of freedom again in this country. I don’t care about money or fame or glory. I care about winning. And when motives are oriented in the direction of victory without reception, that my friends in elected office – is a very very powerful force to be reckoned with. You have energized the wrong group of Americans. We have no motive other than to win. And we will win. Mark my words. We will win.

Because of the memory of the men mentioned below.

Now kindly get out of our way.


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