Don’t Expect Twitter to Provide Restitution for Censoring and Kicking Americans Off the Platform for Sharing Totally Legit Hunter Biden Laptop Stories

Don’t expect Twitter to give back Americans’ accounts they censored and deleted for sharing the truth about Hunter Biden – not in Biden/Obama’s America. 

The question that we ask is why after years of lies about President Trump and any number of left-wing conspiracies, is the New York Times now regarded as the beacon of truth?   The Times has a horrible record of reporting on what is the truth and what is not when it comes to politics.  The Hunter Biden laptop is just one of the topics that the Times got wrong.

Then this past week, the Times reported that Hunter’s laptop was real and legit.

A Year-and-a-Half Out – NY Times Confirms Hunter Biden Laptop is Real

Republican Senator Ron Johnson asked when Big Tech will be held accountable for censoring conservatives who dared to report on the Hunter Biden laptop.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson said Friday it is ‘jaw-dropping’ the media has ‘finally acknowledged’ that Hunter Biden‘s laptop and its content are legitimate – even though it was verified a year ago.

The Wisconsin lawmaker, who was one of the first to investigate what was on the computer, has joined his GOP colleagues demanding accountability for those who dismissed the story as fake in the months before the 2020 general election.

Many in his party are now also calling for Meta and Twitter to be investigated for removing or reducing the distribution of stories when they were first published a year ago because they were labeled ‘disinformation’

The outrage and demands for apologies follows a New York Time’s story published on Wednesday night about the federal tax probe into the President’s son that confirmed the laptop abandoned at a Delaware repair store was authentic.

The Grey Lady has also asked the State Department for any emails they have relating to Hunter Biden and his business dealings. authenticated the laptop a full year earlier than the New York Times story, and was the first – and only – news organization to publicly verify its contents using expert analysis.

‘I didn’t realize anyone was still questioning that Hunter Biden’s computer disk drive was fake. I thought that had been established for well over a year,’ Johnson said in a statement to

We released five posts before the 2020 Election reporting data on Hunter’s laptop.  Our work was legit, was shocking, and it received no attention from the far-left mainstream media.  We reported on the many seedy details on the laptop, including the family knowing about Hunter’s grotesque and abusive lifestyle.  Below is one article we posted at that time.

HUGE BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Has a PornHub Account Where He Uploaded His Personal Porn – Including with Family Member

]As a result of sharing this and related articles, I was censored and taken off of Twitter for good.  The likelihood that the far-left globalist Twitter will provide me my account back [if I wanted it] is near zero.  Twitter should be held accountable for kicking good Americans like President Trump off of their site.  What it has done is unimaginable only a few years ago and frightening when compared to actions from prior totalitarian regimes throughout history.] 

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