BREAKING: Biden Admin Denies Former World No. 1 Tennis Champ Novak Djokovic’s Access to Country Due to Vaccine Status — But Opened Border to 2 Million Unvaccinated Illegal Aliens in Last Year

Tennis legend Novak Djokovic has made clear that he would rather sacrifice part of his playing legacy and miss out on future tennis accolades than be forced to take an experimental Covid vaccine.

This brave stance against medical tyranny has already cost Djokovic the chance to compete in all but one of the major tournaments this year and has also led to him losing the title of top singles men’s tennis player in the world.

Despite playing just three matches this whole year, Djokovic is currently listed at number 2 on the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) rankings – he’s that good.

Nevertheless, back in January, Australia became the first country to hassle Djokovic over his vaccine status, denying his entry to the country and ending his chance to compete in the Grand Slam Tournament at the Australian Open.

Not only did Australian officials deny his visa, but they allowed Djokovic to enter the country and held him in isolated quarantine for a week while he awaited his eventual deportation.

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Now, the US is doing essentially the same thing, albeit without the unnecessary extra steps.

On Wednesday, the 20-time Grand Slam champion announced that he will not be able to compete at upcoming tennis tournaments in California and Florida because the Biden Administration will not allow him to travel to the United States due to his vaccination status.

Djokovic tweeted that the Centers for Disease Control made the final call, upholding a regulation that requires all foreign nationals to be vaccinated to receive a visa for entry into the US…

… That is, of course, only if you aren’t illegally sneaking across the southern border, because then, vax status doesn’t matter one bit.

Over 2 million illegal aliens were waved into the country since last year without a vaccine or ID card.

From Djokovic:

While I was automatically listed in the @BNPPARIBASOPEN and @MiamiOpen draw I knew it would be unlikely I’d be able to travel. The CDC has confirmed that regulations won’t be changing so I won’t be able to play in the US. Good luck to those playing in these great tournaments.”

In the face of it all, Djokovic continues to stand firm. In an interview last month with the BBC, the 34-year-old future hall of fame member, who’s not getting any younger, explained that the potential damage to his legacy that comes from missing tournaments “is the price that I’m willing to pay.”

The only problem is he, like so many others, shouldn’t have to be paying it.


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