WATCH: MSM Clowns Lie About ‘Crazy’ Americans Fighting To Defeat COVID Matrix VS. Reality

Our government is working overtime to try to inject every citizen with experimental gene therapy that has proven to be entirely ineffective at protecting anyone from COVID-19 infection.

The leftist-run mainstream media outlets, nearly all of which are sponsored by pharmaceutical corporations and run paid advertisements for their psychotropic drugs, are dedicated to inundating the public with the tyrannical Covid programming.

Media bots are now employing the same grimey campaign tactics they’ve used for decades against “stupid” Republican voters to delegitimize and demonize anyone who opposes illogical, totalitarian Covid mandates.


If you turn on the TV or rely on the Covid enterprise for news, you’ll watch highly-paid misinformation peddlers selling fear to persuade you into believing only a handful of “fringe,” “dangerous,” “crazy,” “conspiracy theorists” and “extremists” oppose medical tyranny and hazardous experimental Covid shots.

In reality, most of us see through the multifaceted malarkey.

At least 30,000 Americans traveled from across the country to “defeat” Covid mandates in the nation’s capital last week, despite frigid 15-degree weather, the city’s sweeping vaccine passport mandate — barring the unvaccinated entry from indoor venues, and veiled threats leveled by the federal government.

Attendees included physicians, attorneys, grassroots organizers, athletes, musicians and activists of all ages comprising arguably the most politically diverse crowd to ever gather on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Over a dozen attendees of the rally — including guest speakers Dr. Paul Alexander, the Chief Scientific Officer with The Unity Project and former Former WHO consultant,  General Counsel and President of The Unity Project Parisa Fishback, internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ben Marble, founder of and family health specialist, former NBA player and talk show host Kwame Brown, BET reality TV star Angela-Stanton King, civil rights attorney Tricia Lindsey and demonstrators whose family members and colleagues have suffered vaccine injury — detail the danger of experimental Covid vaccines, warn their unknown long term effects may be attributed to an unprecedented number of deaths and slam the media for constantly disseminating outright lies to the public, in exclusive interviews with The Gateway Pundit.



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Alicia is an investigative journalist and multimedia reporter. Alicia's work is featured on numerous outlets including the Gateway Pundit, Project Veritas, Red Voice Media, World Net Daily, Townhall and Media Research Center, where she uncovers fraud and abuse in government, media, Big Tech, Big Pharma and public corruption. Alicia has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She served in the Correspondence Department of the George W. Bush administration and as a War Room analyst for the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee.

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