Twitter Announces New Policies Promising Censorship of ‘Misleading’ Posts Relating to Russia and Ukraine

Twitter has announced policies promising the censorship of “misleading” posts relating to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

As all conservatives already know, “misleading” tends to mean anything that the establishment disagrees with when it comes to Big Tech policies.

“We’re actively monitoring for risks associated with the conflict in Ukraine, including identifying and disrupting attempts to amplify false and misleading information,” Twitter announced in a lengthy tweet thread about steps they are taking. “We’re proactively reviewing Tweets to detect platform manipulation (or other inauthentic behavior) and taking enforcement action against synthetic and manipulated media that presents a false or misleading depiction of what’s happening.”

Once again, the big tech giant admitted that they are a publisher with an editorial slant instead of a platform.

“We’re continuing to provide as much context around content relating to the crisis as possible, including through Moments and Events on Twitter,” Twitter Safety tweeted.

Twitter also said they are monitoring high-profile accounts to “mitigate any attempts at a targeted takeover or manipulation.”

“We’re actively monitoring vulnerable high-profile accounts, including journalists, activists, and government officials and agencies to mitigate any attempts at a targeted takeover or manipulation,” the thread continued.

The company continued to announce that for “people using Twitter in Ukraine and Russia, we also paused some Tweet recommendations from people you don’t follow on Home Timeline to reduce the spread of abusive content.”

“We’re working across features like Topics, Lists, and Spaces to ensure the policies and measures in place can ensure the safety of these products, so they can continue to be resources you trust,” the thread said.

Twitter also said they are temporarily pausing advertisements in Ukraine and Russia to ensure that critical public safety information is elevated “and ads don’t detract from it.”

The company has also urged its employees to donate to organizations supporting Ukrainian refugees, promising to match all the donations and make a direct contribution to a partner organization.

The statement was posted in English, Russian and Ukrainian.


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