St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones Has Millions from the Federal Government That She Says She’ll Give to Black Neighborhoods – While Homelessness, Opioids and Crime Rage On

The Gateway Pundit reported this morning on St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones’s hypocritical actions in holding a party and not having anyone present wear a mask despite forcing the commoners in St. Louis to continue to wear face masks in St. Louis City. 

This morning we reported on St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones’s party recently held in the city where she and her fellow guests went maskless.  This is despite the fact that she has a mask mandate in place in the city.

Here’s a video of Jones partying maskless while mandating others wear masks.

The city of St. Louis was also given a grant by the federal government for COVID relief.

Local KSDK reported:

The City of St. Louis is getting a windfall of roughly 50% of its entire budget in extra federal money and that’s not counting the hundreds of millions from the recent Rams relocation settlement.

Of the $498 million the city is receiving from the federal American Rescue Plan Act, about half is already in the city’s account.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones said from public input to the bidding process for contractors – transparency takes time.

“Nothing moves fast in government,” Jones said. “I like to use the analogy of a cruise ship as it starts to dock, and it usually turns around and it turns really slowly…same thing with government.”

The city has allocated about $135 million of the first half of the federal funds.

Jones wants the money invested in transformational changes.

“I’m here to try to right historic wrongs and make sure that people know that their government cares about them,” she said. “Think about the old deed restrictions that Black people couldn’t buy property in our city and had to purchase property through straw purchasers, right? And think about how homes north of Delmar are crumbling…that environment directly affects the health of our children and families. And so they deserve better, and we’re going to make sure that they get it.”

Jones said $20 million will support a “housing fund” to build roughly 200 “market rate and affordable” homes in north St. Louis.

“We also have the home repair program that we’re going to launch there. There’s also a grant program for small businesses that’s going to launch soon. So we have a whole host of things in the hopper to provide real relief,” Jones said.

Then there is the nearly $800 million settlement with the now Los Angeles Rams.

Meanwhile, on the streets of St. Louis, the homeless crisis is worse than ever before, opioid overdoses and deaths are a daily event, and crime rages on.
While Ms. Jones looks to “right historic wrongs” with $500 million in federal tax dollars, the quality of life in St. Louis continues its epic slide.

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