ROGER STONE: Florida RINO Congressman “Left Turn Vern” Buchanan Has Been Fully Exposed – Vote for Martin Hyde Instead

I stand second to no one in my loyalty to President Donald J Trump. I recognized his courage, independence, and extraordinary communication skills when I met him in 1979 when I was organizing Ronald Reagan’s campaign for president in New York State in 1980.

By 1988 I became entirely convinced that he would not only be a great candidate for president but that he had the capacity to be a truly great president. I was right.

What we witnessed in the years of his Presidency were outrageous and unprecedented lies from Fake news and Leftist politicians. The President was subjected to the greatest single dirty trick in American political history in which Barack Obama and Joe Biden used the full authority of the US government and the incredible capability of our intelligence agencies to launch a completely politically motivated effort to remove the duly elected president from the White House based entirely and fabricated evidence in the so-called “Steele dossier” and in the phony “Crowdstrike report” which we now know falsely claimed that Russian intelligence agents had hacked the Democratic National Committee and somehow transferred the stolen emails to the Trump campaign.

I was prepared to go to prison rather than submit to the extraordinary pressure from Robert Mueller and his thugs to bear false witness against the president. Only by the grace of God did President Trump have the courage and strength to recognize that I was subjected to politically motivated and fabricated charges and subjected to a vile Soviet-style show trial complete with biased judge, corrupted jury forwoman, a rigged jury, and duplicitous politically motivated federal prosecutors.

That’s why I was shocked days ago when I saw that the President had endorsed the king of Miami Congressman Carlos Gimenez only to read that the congressman was transferring money from his own campaign account to that of RINO queen Liz Cheney.

I must also question his decisions on some recent endorsements such as the one for “Left turn” Vern’ Buchanan for Congress from District 16 in Florida.

Knowing the president as I do I must assume that this endorsement decision was made without the president being presented with all of the facts. I am hopeful that the president will reconsider his support of this RINO.

Buchanan was one of just three so-called Republicans who voted to stay IN The Paris climate accord a deal that would have cost the United States $365 million a year but in which the red Chinese, the biggest polluter on the planet, paid nothing.

Buchanan voted to certify the election of Biden and was one of a handful of House Republicans not to sign the Texas amicus brief to The Supreme court challenging the bogus election of Biden.

Since the President left office Buchanan has continued siding with democrats on im[portant issues such as HR8 which requires background checks to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights on which he voted with the whole of the Democrat caucus with just 7 Republicans.

Buchanan was once called “the single most corrupt member of Congress” unfortunately the Sarasota Congressman has worked hard to prove this. Buchanan would often boast about his political alliance with the late radical left-wing Congressman Alcee Hastings, the only man in US history impeached from a federal judgeship for corruption and then elected to Congress from a solidly blue district.

Buchanan took $7 million in Government Covid assistance loans for his businesses but simultaneously bought two million dollar plus yachts, of which one is 100 feet long.

Either you need the money to save American jobs, or you want it for a floating palace but it can’t be BOTH. As a sitting member of Congress, Vern Buchanan has also taken enormous personal and business loans from foreign banks, as reflected on his required financial disclosures with the Clerk of the US Senate. Conflict of interest anyone?

Buchanan frequently boasts about having a master of business degree (MBA) from the University of Michigan which I can find no record of whatsoever!

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Hard-charging straight-talking businessman, Martin Hyde has launched an aggressive, insurgent challenge to “Left Turn Vern” Buchanan in the Florida Republican Primary. Hyde Is an unapologetic America First Republican and Trump loyalist.

Hyde gained national notice last Christmas when he refused demands that he take down “Let’s Go Brandon “themed Christmas decorations from his Sarasota residence (Link) To the dismay of local leftists HYPERLINK

Hyde is well known in the Sarasota area for showing up at hospital and school board meetings and asking tough questions about COVID-19 as well as the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations

In the almost 40 years that I have been in the American political arena rarely have I seen a candidate with the fight, courage, or audacity of Martin Hyde. This is the kind spirit that we are going to need in the struggle with the RINOs who seek to end the Trump revolution and take the GOP back to the country club.

Hyde fought mask mandates and vaccine mandates at the school Boards and Hospital boards all while Vern’ was cozying up to President who he betrayed more times than Judas betrayed Jesus.

So far Martin Hyde has financed his own campaign and while he is a successful businessman he has nothing like the wealth of RINO charlatan Vern Buchanan. Patriots interested in wrestling control of the Republican Party and  House caucus and electing Republicans to the House  who will support the America first agenda can donate at

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