PURE EVIL: A Tennessee Church is Demanding Justice After Security Cameras Caught Two Women Robbing a 78-Year-Old Lady As She Was Praying – (VIDEO)

Robbing little old ladies while they pray in the Lord’s house? Is this really what we have come to?

Sadly, this is the state of things in Biden’s lawless America.

The Hilldale Baptist Church in Clarksville, Tennessee is demanding answers after two women, who were posing as friendly churchgoers, stole from a 78-Year-Old congregant as she prayed with them before evening mass.

The shocking incident was caught on the church’s security cameras and uploaded online last week. In the video, the elderly woman can be seen sitting in the pews as one of the robbers kneels down in front of her, asking to pray together. As the elderly woman is distracted, the partner in crime sneaks up behind and rummages through her purse, stealing everything of value.

The thieves made off with credit cards, gift cards, and cash, according to the Clarksville Police Department, which is currently investigating the incident.

This is pure evil.

Watch, via libsoftiktok:

Hilldale Baptist Senior Pastor Larry Robertson, who says he is “sickened and angry” over the troubling incident, provided more details about what happened to Fox6 Milwaukee:

…the women came to church 50 minutes before evening service, which he [Robertson] thought was a little odd. The women told him that there were visiting from another church. He then pointed them to the sanctuary where a pre-service prayer meeting was going to start in about 20 minutes. 

The 78-year-old victim, a longtime church member, also arrived early and took her seat in the sanctuary. 

‘The taller girl with red dreadlocks (she called herself Jade) voiced the prayer while the other girl (who called herself Kesha) took the lady’s wallet from her purse and removed cash and credit/gift cards,’ Robertson told FOX Television Stations.  ‘When ‘Kesha’ had finished, ‘Jade’ finished the prayer. They excused themselves and exited the building.’

The victim then noticed her credit cards and cash were gone and alerted Robertson.”

As the Clarksville Police continues to search for the two women seen in the video, investigators have also announced that there were two additional suspects – four women in total – who were at the church during the robbery. The police are asking anyone with information on the robbers to call Crime Stoppers at 931-645-8477 or Detective Bradley at 931-648-0656, ext. 5159.


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