Pennsylvania School Board Votes to End Mandatory Streaming of CNN Program Over Bias

A Pennsylvania school board has voted to end the mandatory streaming of a CNN program geared towards students over the network’s content being biased.

The Norwin School Board voted 5-4 on Monday to end the requirement that homeroom teachers play CNN 10 in the morning.

CNN 10 brands itself as “compact on-demand news broadcasts ideal for explanation seekers on the go or in the classroom.”

Ashley Egan of North Huntingdon spoke at the meeting to say that broadcasting a program associated with CNN is “feeding him (her son) every day that CNN is a label you can trust,” according to a report from Trib Live. She added that there are numerous references by speakers on CNN 10 that recommend the students “visit our friends on”

“That is not unbiased,” Egan added.

The report explains that under the new rules, the television will be shut off in the classrooms unless students, teachers, or administrators want them to watch the broadcast or videos pertaining to topics such as Veterans Day or the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor.

Newly elected school board member Alex Detschelt said of the measure, “we know there is always bias,” and pointed out that the schools are not showing morning newscasts from conservative outlets such as Fox News, OAN (One America News), or Newsmax.

“You are grooming the children” to one viewpoint, Detschelt said.

Ending the mandatory broadcast was one of the core issues he campaigned on before he was elected.


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