J-6 Prisoner Jake Lang Speaks Out from Jail Cell on Day 6 of Hunger Strike – Has Lost 15 Pounds in 6 Days — DC Elites, RINOs and Media Ignore His Plight

Political prisoner Jake Lang is serving time in Washington DC for his actions on Jan. 6. He has been imprisoned with no rights for over a year now. Islamic terrorists who murdered Americans have more rights than Jake Lang. The DC elites and corrupt fake news media agree with this.

Jake Lang was trampled when Capitol Police pushed Trump supporters down the stairs outside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Jake was buried under several people when the Capitol police started pushing protesters down the stairs. He was next to Rosanne Boyland who was killed by police when they continued to push Trump protesters on top of them. Jake saw Rosanne die. He saw it in her eyes. He saw Philip Anderson’s limp body. And he decided to take action.

Jake, who is a former wrestler, was able to crawl away and save himself and then he saved Philip Anderson who he pulled to safety. His rescue of Philip Anderson was caught on video. The entire time he was pulling Philip to safety the police continued to beat protesters with sticks and spray them with pepper spray.

Jake saved Philip Anderson’s life.  Then he went back and confronted the police who were still attacking and beating the Trump supporters.  It should be noted that the Trump crowd was entirely peaceful until the Capitol Police decided to fire flash grenades and rubber bullets on the men, women, children and seniors who had gathered outside the US Capitol.

This was all captured on video and the fake news mainstream media refuses to report this truth.

Jake Lang has been jailed for a year now without rights and without trial. Democrats and RINOs support this.

Last week Jake Lang announced he would start a hunger strike from his jail cell until Capitol Police Officers Lt. Mike Byrd and Lila Morris are arrested for their crimes on January 6.

Jake Lang sent out a message on Day 6 of his hunger strike. We are republishing his comments here today.

Please keep Jake and the other prisoners in your prayers. And pray that the evil will lose its grasp on the country.

Today is Day 6 of the hunger strike, and the immense stress the DC GULAG has put on me during the last 24 hours is unbelievable. They have moved me to 3 different cells in 2 separate units, making me pack and carry my stuff (lots of heavy books) and unpack every time.

They seem to be getting some form of satisfaction forcing a famished man who hasn’t eaten in 6 days and lost nearly 15 lbs around this horrendous jail.

Late Thursday night at 10 pm they came and dragged me to the medical unit against my will, and put me in a large empty room with only a bed, completely detached from any nearby inmates, so that I could no longer hear any human voices. Then simply to excruciate my night sleep, they came and banged on my door and turned on my light every hour in an attempt to sleep deprive me and make my treatment so horrible that I would just give up my hunger strike.

They don’t realize my strength comes from an Eternal God and He alone is my protection and my refuge. On top of all of this, my friends that have been helping me do 3-way calls on their accounts are all now getting suspended, like they did to me a month ago.

The facility is on a wild witch hunt to stop me at all costs from reaching the American public. I wonder who they are getting this directive from? The DOJ? FBI? PELOSI? Different wings, same corrupt bird.

The truth scares them and they will stop at nothing to destroy the real American patriot movement. I will stop at nothing to see Rosanne Boyland and Ashli Babbitt’s Capitol Police murders stand trial.

We will NOT let our patriot heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice die in VAIN! Please visit J6Truth.org and get involved and STAND UP. Protest February 23rd in DC. BE THERE! Details on site. God is with us, and Christ is King.


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