Illinois HB4244 Mandatory Vaccine Registry is Now in Subcommittee – Lawmaker Proposes HB4640 to Quarantine Exposed to Infectious Disease

Guest post by a Concerned Citizen

HB4244 Mandatory Vaccine Registry:

Illinois HB4244, which would change participation in Illinois’ vaccine registry from voluntary to mandatory, is currently in the subcommittee, but it’s not gone by any means.

It’s scheduled to be heard again in the main Illinois House Human Services Committee on Wednesday, February 2 at 9:00 AM.

This liberty loathing, tyranny-loving bill is an invasion of medical privacy, a government overreach, and a tool for imposing a mandate for the covid vaccine as well as other vaccines.

My source for the new upcoming hearing is the synopsis page for HB4244 on the Illinois General Assembly’s website: Bill Status of HB4244 102nd General Assembly 

The media has done a terrible job of covering the status of this bill after it was originally heard in committee last week.

Media coverage of HB4244 has ceased and people are proclaiming that this bill is dead on social media, yet the synopsis page for this bill clearly indicates that is not the case.

I encourage those who oppose this bill to submit an opposing witness slip. Witness slips are important because they provide a public tally of the widespread opposition to the bill.

31,992 opposing witness slips have been submitted as of 9:15 PM on January 31.

You have the ability to submit a new witness slip whenever this bill is scheduled for a new hearing before the main committee that it’s assigned to.

If you submitted a previous witness slip, it is still listed as having been submitted as well. This is just a chance to reaffirm your stance on the bill.

Link to submit a witness slip for HB4244: Illinois 102nd General Assembly Witness Slip

Link showing the total number of witness slips submitted for HB4244: Witness Slips For HB4244 102nd General Assembly

It looks like the supporters of this bill in the Illinois House are trying to outwit the opposition. They seem to be waiting for us to lose focus and attention on this bill or to be waiting for us to give up in resignation.

I hate that they are trying so hard to pass a bill that has so much widespread opposition and so little support. We can’t relent in our opposition to this bill.

This is a classic case of the Illinois political establishment being in opposition to the will of the public that they are supposed to be representing and serving.

I recommend calling and emailing the sponsor of this bill, State Representative Bob Morgan (D), the other members of the Illinois House Human Services Committee, and every other member of the Illinois House to express opposition as well.

That way, the political establishment can’t just dismiss the opposing witness slips as having been submitted by bots as they did when they exempted the covid vaccine from the state’s religious exemption law last fall.

The phone line for Morgan’s Springfield office actually crashed last week due to the high call volume and calls sent to it had to be redirected to the clerk of the Illinois House’s office.

I experienced this myself when I called that line last week.

The number for Morgan’s Highwood office went straight to voicemail even during normal business hours due to the high call volume.

HB4640 Quarantine Camps:

Illinois State Representative Deb Conroy (D) is sponsoring Illinois HB4640.

This bill would allow the state to “isolate or quarantine persons who are unable or unwilling to receive vaccines, medications, or other treatments.”

HB4640 is scheduled to be heard in the Illinois House Human Services Committee on Wednesday, February 2 at 9:00 AM.

If HB4640 were to become law, people exposed to an infectious disease could be placed under public health department observation in a contained atmosphere with department watch guards.

These would basically be quarantine camps.

The bill says in part:

“To prevent the spread of a dangerously contagious or infectious disease, the [Public Health] Department may, pursuant to the provisions of subsection (c) of this Section, isolate or quarantine persons whose refusal to undergo observation and monitoring results in uncertainty regarding whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a dangerously contagious or infectious disease or otherwise poses a danger to the public’s health.”

This is a liberty loathing, tyranny-loving egregious overreach of government power.

Most people experience covid as a cold or asymptomatically. While some people do experience covid in a more severe manner, that still doesn’t warrant this extreme overreach.

HB4640 would also set up a state network data collection system for people that have received mandated vaccines, medications, or otherwise.

This would be similar to the mandatory vaccine registry proposed by Illinois HB4244, but even worse as it also tracks mandated medications and other mandated medical orders.

Link to submit a witness slip for HB4640: Illinois 102nd General Assembly Witness Slip


Link showing the total number of witness slips submitted for HB4640: Witness Slips For HB4640  102nd General Assembly

Synopsis of HB4640 of the Illinois General Assembly’s website. Note that the synopsis does not mention the part about the quarantine camps. This is only included in the full text of the bill: Bill Status of HB4640  102nd General Assembly

Full text of HB4640:

I recommend calling and emailing the sponsor of this bill, State Representative Deb Conroy (D), the members of the Illinois House Human Services Committee, and every other member of the Illinois House to express opposition as well.

Illinois House Members Contact Information:

If you are emailing multiple representatives, you can save time by using the bcc (blind carbon copy) option. Bcc allows you to send a single email separately to multiple recipients at once.

It won’t be a group email and the recipients won’t be able to see each other in the recipient line of the email.

• Deb Conroy (D)
Springfield: 217-782-8158
Villa Park: 630-415-3520
Email: [email protected]

Members of the Illinois House Human Services Committee:

• Bob Morgan (D) – 58th District
Springfield: 217-782-0902
Highwood: 847-780-8471
Email: [email protected]

• Anna Moeller (D) – 43rd District
Springfield: 217-782-8020
Elgin: 847-841-7130
Email: [email protected]

• Lindsey LaPointe (D) – 19th District
Springfield: 217-782-8400
Chicago: 773-647-1174
Email: [email protected]

• Norine K. Hammond (R) – 93rd District
Springfield: 217-782-0416
Macomb: 309-836-2707
Email: [email protected]

• Jaime Andrade, Jr. (D) – 40th District
Springfield: 217-782-8117
Chicago: 773-267-2880
Email: [email protected]

• Kelly Cassidy (D) – 14th District
Springfield: 217-782-8088
Chicago: 773-784-2002
Email: [email protected]

• Lakesia Collins (D) – 9th District
Springfield: 217-782-8116
Chicago: 312-298-9181
Email: [email protected]

• Tom Demmer (R)- 90th District
Springfield: 217-782-0535
Dixon: 815-561-3690
Email: [email protected]

• Mary Flowers (D) – 31st District
Springfield: 217-782-4207
Chicago: 773-471-5200
Email: [email protected]

• Robyn Gabel (D) – 18th District
Springfield: 217-782-8052
Evanston: 847-424-5401
Email: [email protected]

• Amy Grant (R) – 42nd District
Springfield: 217-558-1037
Wheaton: 331-218-4182
Email: [email protected]

• Jackie Haas (R) – 79th District
Springfield: 217-782-5981
Kankakee: 815-523-7779
Email: [email protected]

• Charles Meier (R) – 108th District
Springfield: 217-782-6401
Highland: 618-651-0405
Email: [email protected]

• Suzanne Ness (D) – 66th District
Springfield: 217-782-0432
Carpentersville: 224-484-8620
Email: [email protected]

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