GiveSendGo Website Back Online After Illegal Leftist Hack, Issues Statement Saying ‘We Are in a Battle’

Christian crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo is back online after being hacked by crazy leftists.

The platform has been under attack for hosting a fundraiser for the Canadian trucker Freedom Convoy and refusing to comply with an order from the Canadian government to freeze the funds.

On Tuesday, GiveSendGo released a statement on social media about the cyberattack.

“We know there are many questions concerning the attacks on GiveSendGo Sunday night,” the statement began.

“Sunday evening, February 13th, GiveSendGo was attacked by malicious actors attempting to eliminate the ability of its users to raise funds. There was a broadcasted breech showing one such actor illegally hacking into GiveSendGo and distributing the names and emails of the donors of the Freedom Convoy Campaign. However, no credit card information was leaked. No money was stolen,” the statement continued.

The company said that they had temporarily shut down the site to avoid further attacks and up their security.

“GiveSendGo has a dedicated team aggressively focused on identifying these malicious actors and pursuing actions against their cybercrime. At the time of the intrusion, GiveSendGo’s security team immediately shut down the site to prevent further illegal actions against our site. We have also performed many security audits to ensure the security of the site before bringing the site back online,” the statement continued.

“We are in a battle. We didn’t expect it to be easy. This has not caused us to be afraid. Instead, it’s made it even more evident that we can not back down. Thank you for your continued support, prayers and the countless emails letting us know you are standing with us,” the statement concluded.

The company has also vowed to work with organizers to make sure the funds get to the truckers participating in the convoy protest.

The Daily Wire reports, “On Monday, Canadian finance minister Chrystia Freeland announced the Canadian government will use the Emergencies Act invoked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to block the accounts of those suspected of helping the Freedom Convoy protesters.”

“The funds from the Freedom Convoy are not frozen contrary to what you might be hearing on the news. GiveSendGo is working with many different campaign organizers to find the most effective legal ways to continue funds flowing,” the company wrote.

As of Tuesday, over $9.3 million has been raised for the truckers.


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