Far Left Media Frightened to Death – Panicking Over What May Be Next with Durham’s Investigation

The far-left is in a panic.  Special Counsel John Durham released a filing 10 days ago that provides further evidence that the corrupt Obama and Hillary gangs were spying on President Trump and forming a false narrative of Russia collusion in an effort to overthrow the government.  

Ten days ago the Durham investigation provided evidence that the Hillary gang was spying on President Trump.

Durham: Perkins Coie Allies Connected to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Spied on Trump’s Internet Traffic While Trump Was President

All good Americans were outraged with the news.  We knew for years Hillary and Obama were spying on President Trump and made up their lies about Russia collusion in an effort to defame candidate and President Trump.  Maria Bartiromo on FOX News declared this the “The Biggest Scandal We’ve Ever Seen!”

“I Hope Donald Trump Sues Them All for Everything!… This is the Biggest Scandal We’ve Ever Seen!” – Maria Bartiromo EXPLODES Over News Hillary Camp Paid to Infiltrate Trump Servers to Link Trump to Russia (VIDEO)

But the left refuses to see the truth and they are scared.  They are now calling for the Durham investigation to come to an end.  

In a biased far-left piece at The New Republic, Michael Tomasky says that Durham should end his investigation.

And now, John Durham is walking it back. The special prosecutor appointed by Trump Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate the “deep state” “conspiracy” “against” “Donald Trump” (yes, all of those phrases deserve ironic quote marks) released a court filing Thursday that included this sentence: “If third parties or members of the media have overstated, understated, or otherwise misinterpreted facts contained in the Government’s Motion, that does not in any way undermine the valid reasons for the Government’s inclusion of this information.”

Translation: Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media, not to mention Trump himself and his Republican cultists, are out of their minds.

But of course, how does he know that?  Durham could have been referring to the far-left media’s claims that the seditious acts of Obama and Hillary outlined in Durham’s filing were ordinary and nothing to worry about, using false statements to make their case, like Tomasky was making.

Criminals hate getting caught and Democrat goons are no exception. 

Tomasky continues:

The details are too convoluted and ridiculous to go into in great detail, but in a nutshell: As you surely know, Trump spent a lot of time alleging that his campaign was being spied on, for instance in that infamous tweet in March 2017 about the Obama administration wiretapping him. It’s all fiction, straight out of the Josef Goebbels School of Political Communication. If you are doing X—setting fire to the Reichstag, say, or cooperating with the Kremlin to win a presidential election—you accuse your opponent of doing the thing that you’re doing.

Ignoring the evidence provided over the past few years, and the evidence provided by Durham recently, Tomasky claims that no one was spying on Trump?  Durham notes in his filing that the Hillary gang siphoned (stole) information from Trump’s team and provided this to the CIA.  Most Americans would consider this a crime – a very big crime.

Tomasky writes:

Now, lying to the FBI is no small thing. It’s what Michael Flynn did, and if it was bad in Flynn’s case, then it’s bad in this case, too. Except that the lawyers for Michael Sussmann, who was indicted in September, say in this case that “the law criminalizes only false statements that are material,” and that Sussmann’s false statements were not, and they filed a motion a few days ago to dismiss the whole thing. So we shall see. But Durham is heading into Ken Starr territory, by which I mean he’s dragging this thing out for years and wasting millions of public dollars and getting nothing. Until this little walk-back, he has seemed to understand that his audience is not the American people but the 25 or so percent of the American people who have been convinced that Hillary is a contract killer and child pornographer and traitor and whatever else they say she is.

Tomasky ignores the evidence in the Flynn case that caused even the corrupt DOJ to come to the conclusion that Flynn had been set up and his case was dropped.  He then uses statements from Sussmann’s lawyers as gospel.  Then Tomasky takes the time to bring up bizarre items proving that he has no evidence to support his conclusions other than statements by an indicted individual’s attorneys.

Then the polite Tomasky goes to projection, which far-left liberals always do and claims President Trump will make some “sh*t” up about Biden, the exact thing the Democrats did to President Trump.

If I’m right about that, then Trump won’t have much of a case to make against Biden. He’ll try fearmongering over “defund the police” and border security and “woke” school curricula and antifa, but Biden is no cultural lefty, and none of that will really stick to him as far as swing voters are concerned. So Trump will make sh[*]t up—about Biden, about Hunter, and yes, about Hillary, because it will never stop with her, not even after she slips these surly bonds, when I predict we’ll see a whole new spate of “books” (irony quotes again) about all the undiscovered evil she perpetrated while she walked this earth and when she can no longer sue (not that she ever has anyway—though she threw a hint at Fox last week that it’s on her mind, and I’d love to see her do it).

And there it is.  Liberal lying lunatics at it again, projecting and proving once more that they know so much that isn’t so.  

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