CNN Contributor Defends Stacey Abrams For Taking Maskless Photo Surrounded by Masked Children (VIDEO)

This is CNN.

CNN contributor Bakari Sellers defended Stacey Abrams for taking a maskless photo surrounded by masked children (child abuse).

A maskless Stacey Abrams was photographed with masked children during her visit to Glennwood Elementary School in Georgia last week.

Abrams’ camp lashed out at Republicans who called her out for her hypocrisy on masks.

Like clockwork, CNN is rushing in to defend Stacey Abrams.

“If my kid was in the classroom, would I be outraged? The answer is definitely not. Stacey Abrams is not trying to harm children, she was not flaunting [flouting] regulations purposefully. She took a picture with her mask off and everyone else had their mask on and so there is not an issue there,” Bakari Sellers said.

So the science says Covid knows intent? The science says Covid knows when photos are being taken?


If it’s not an issue, why did Stacey Abrams delete the maskless photos of her from her Twitter account?

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