Calgary Police Officer Blasts Fellow Officers: “‘I was just following orders’ is no longer an excuse…You signed up to help people…Stand with your fellow Canadians” [VIDEO]

Before the Canadian Truckers for Freedom protest rolled into Canada, the organizer of the protest notified Calgary Police that they would be arriving. Calgary police Service posted a joint statement saying they were aware of the convoy-related protests and would work to ensure public safety.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – But Calgary Police have been a huge disappointment to Canadians who’ve watched them arrest fellow protesters for bringing fuel to the truckers a great-grandfather being manhandled for blowing his horn and not having an ID when police confronted him.

On Monday, a 78-yr-old man was arrested and placed in handcuffs by two Ottawa Police officers after he failed to produce an ID while being charged with blowing his horn in Ottawa to show support for the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy. When confronted by a bystander the police officer admitted the elderly gentleman was being arrested for beeping his horn.

Here’s the second part of the video:

Arresting innocent Canadians for violating COVID rules put in place by liberal politicians is nothing new. Last year, a group of young men were arrested for playing outdoor pond hockey during COVID lockdowns.

One Calgary Police officer is no longer willing to arrest threaten, intimidate or arrest peaceful protesters who refuse to comply with his political overlord’s orders.

Yesterday, Nick Motichka, a Calgary Police officer, who’s been a law enforcement officer for over 16 years, delivered a powerful message on Facebook to his fellow law enforcement officers.

Officer Motichka sat in front of a camera as he read an emotional plea to law enforcement officers who are following orders from politicians:

“Today was a hard day for me. Something was taken away from me that I can never get back. Watching members of the Ottawa Police Service seize fuel from peaceful protesters, took away a long-held belief that I thought to be a lasting truth—and that is that the police are here when push comes to shove to protect and help people. I will never see my profession in the same light than I did before today.”

“What I saw, was the police doing politicians’ dirty work—like hired goons.”

“This goes against every reason why I chose this mostly thankless, difficult, traumatizing career with terrible hours. The reason I got into this profession was to help people,” he said.

He continued, “What is happening in Ottawa, with the clear political influence on the police to physically exert political will on peaceful protesters for nothing more than possible political gain, is so very wrong on so many levels.”

“I was just following orders is no longer an excuse,” he said. “It is time to stand up and speak out by refusing to breach your fellow citizens’ fundamental charter rights. You signed up to help people. Stand with your fellow Canadians and say enough is enough!”

“There is no doubt that we are all part of history right now. I have one question for you—‘Which side do you want to be on?'” he asked.


The abuse of peaceful protesters continues by police in Ottawa …

Last night, police officers in the capital city of Ottawa, who are following orders of liberal politicians began to arrest people for bringing fuel to the truckers, many of whom need the fuel to heat their cabs where they’re sleeping.

This report by Telegraph World News explains how Ottawa Police are punishing citizens for protesting for their freedoms.

Will more Canadian police officers follow the lead of Officer Motichka start standing up for the rights of their fellow Canadians?


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