BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Sues Adam Schiff and the Jan 6 Committee

Guest post by Roger Stone


I just hung up with my lawyer. I instructed him to file a lawsuit against the January 6th Committee. It’s time that someone put an end to this fishing expedition and witch hunt.

I took this action because the illegally constituted January 6th Committee egged-on by Congressman Adam Schiff has issued a Subpoena for all of my cell phone records despite the lack of any evidence that I was involved in any way in the tragic events of January 6th!

As I have made clear, I was not at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th and have no advance knowledge whatsoever of the illegal and tragic events that day. Sadly, those who chose to enter the Capitol actually derailed a legitimate legal effort to delay the certification of the Presidential election for 10 days so that the record number of irregularities and anomalies in the vote in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Nevada could be more closely examined.

Because the left-wing, irresponsible, mainstream media has tried relentlessly to utilize “guilt by association” and tie me to the illegal events on January 6th, I was required to respond to a subpoena to appear before the January 6th Committee for questioning only weeks ago.

I appeared before the committee but invoked my 5th amendment right not to answer their loaded and politically motivated questions- not because I’ve done anything wrong or because I have any particular knowledge regarding January 6th- but because I have extensive first-hand experience with the house Democrats practice of taking irrelevant, immaterial, and innocuous statements made under oath and twisting them into a crime.

Now, the January 6th Committee has issued a subpoena to my cell phone carrier, AT&T, requiring them to turn over all of my cell phone records for November, December, and January.

While I have nothing to hide, it is obvious that this is a fishing expedition. It was obvious to me from the questions I was asked before the committee that the Democrats are desperate to find some charge that would have the effect of eliminating President Donald Trump as a candidate in 2024.

This new Subpoena for my cell phone records is an unconstitutional invasion of my privacy and it is my intention to challenge it in court. The deadline for filing a lawsuit to put an end to this nonsense was yesterday. We filed electronically shortly before midnight last night.

To tell you the truth, because my legal defense fund is already financing my defense in SIX baseless, groundless, harassment civil suits filed by Democrats and other leftist misfits, there simply isn’t enough cash on hand to pay the lawyers who will file the lawsuit tomorrow morning. Patriots who want to help me can go to

As you may have heard, only days ago we learned that my wife’s case of stage 4 cancer is fully in remission. I chalk my wife’s stunning cancer diagnosis up to the two years of relentless stress and pressure of being smeared, bankrupted, and framed by Robert Mueller and his thugs. It is only through the healing power of Jesus Christ that my wife Nydia has had her health restored!

(We encourage you to support Roger Stone and his family any way you can.)

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