Unvaccinated New Yorkers Arrested In American History Museum For Refusing To Show Vaccine Proof: ‘I’ve Lost Everything’ Over These ‘Unconstitutional,’ ‘Inhumane’ Mandates

Patriots in deep-blue New York City would rather go to the slammer than comply with illogical, discriminatory and oppressive COVID-19 mandates.

Freedom activists were harassed and arrested for daring to walk into the American History museum without providing proof of Covid vaccination.

As soon as they entered the museum, an employee called security and warned the unvaccinated group, which protested the oppressive mandate in the museum a week before.

Signs in the museum that notify visitors of “Health & Safety Requirements,” warn patrons to social distance, “wear facial coverings if they are 2 years old and up,” ” use hand sanitizer” and to “get your vaccination.”

“Vaccination required for visitors ages 5 and up,” the sign citing the museum’s regulations states.

Another slide on the electric sign informs visitors that they can receive Covid shots at the museum’s vaccination site.

“The Museum is serving as a walk-in New York City COVID-19 vaccination site for ages 5 and above. Vaccinations are available 7 days a week, 10 am to 5 pm.”

As the freedom activists, members of the grassroots organization New York Freedom Rally, make their way into the museum, the employee holds her arms out, barring them from entry.

Two of the protesters make their way past the museum and employee, and she urgently instructs security guards to, “Close the doors! Close it. Close it!”

One of the protesters, Mitchell Bosch, attempted to rationalize with a security guard, arguing the vaccine card mandate is absurd, inhumane and bigoted.

“We face summonses and all that. But that’s what it’s going to take for us to make a difference here in New York City, right? You can be the change,” he said, as the guard nods in agreement. ” I understand it will probably cost you your career, but you know what? Your grandchildren will be proud of you.

“I am willing to risk — my colleagues over here, they have lost their careers, I’ve lost everything over these mandates. You’re allowed to go ahead and work, which is fine, but I am not even allowed to go over there and see the history of the world. That is insane.”

“It’s all available online,” the guard assures.

Moments later, a dozen masked guards surround the protesters in the corridor of the museum.

Vaccine mandates are “inhumane” and “unconstitutional,” Bosch declares.

“Those are your opinions,” the masked guard retorts.

“They should be your opinion as well, as a human being,” Bosh fires back.

“It’s not my opinion,” the guard contends. “It’s the opposite of what you said.”

Bosch then lashed out, telling all of the masked, vaccinated guards they’re “cowards:

“Every single one of you should be ashamed. I know what ya’ll would have done in the ’60’s, every single one of you. And the 30’s and the 40’s,” Bosch proclaimed, excoriating the crowd of masked workers. “Ya’ll don’t have the balls to do what I do. Ya’ll don’t have the balls to do what these men and women have done — lost thier carreers. You’re supposed to have principle as a man — that’s a pivotal of being a man, is having principle and standing on truth. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.”

“Julie is in a wheelchair has more guts than every single one of you. I would take her to war and have her in a foxhole with me than any of you cowards. You are cowards as men! Cowards!”

The crew of security guards eventually walk off, warning, “They are not wearing masks, they have to wear a mask,” and call the police on the group of demonstrators.

When the police arrive, Bosch explains to them that he was harassed for not providing a vaccine but the cop, insists vaccine status “has nothing to do with” why they were called.

The officer, who violated New York City’s mask mandate by revealing his face and wearing the mask under his chin, shot back, arguing, “You are asking me to get involved in a political issue which it is not — it’s private property, they’re asking you to leave, it doesn’t matter why. it’s because it’s a policy.”

Moments later, Bosh was hauled off in cuff and thrown into an NYPD paddy wagon.

They are still going by Jim Crow laws and following ‘executive orders,'” Bosch said, as the police escort him to jail.

Julie, an anti-mandate activist with cerebral palsy seen protesting in the museum, joined Infowars host Owen Shroyer last week to share her story about fighting against medical tyranny in New York City.


Earlier this month, activists with NYC Freedom Rally were harassed and threatened by police for demanding service at segregated venues Nike and Whole Foods.

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