Truth is Not a Conspiracy

Facts are a wonderful thing. Especially when you are talking about Covid and how to fight it. Let’s start with masks. The Worldometers database is very straightforward on this issue. If masks worked as advertised then we would expect that the states that have the toughest mask mandates would have the fewest infections. Conversely, those states with no mask mandates would have the highest infections. So compare New York and Massachusetts, two of the states with the most stringent mask mandates with Florida, a beacon of freedom:

New York deaths per million — 3288

Massachusetts deaths per million — 3121

Florida deaths per million — 2980

What makes this number so significant is that Florida has more people over the age of 65 (20.1%) than any other state. The over 65 crowd is the highest risk population for catching covid and is statistically most likely to die. New York ranks number 25 (16.1%) and Massachusetts is number 24 (16.2%). If the Covid prevention mandate of mask wearing was working as proclaimed by Biden and Fauci, Florida should be sitting at the top of the death toll. Nope. Florida is actually number 18 on deaths per million. Maybe that is another reason folks are moving to the Sunshine state.

There are still some sane souls in New York. As Cristina Laila reported tonight, a New York judge ruled the mask mandate unconstitutional.

If you did not see this tweet by Major Patriot, it is powerful gut punch for the pro-vaccine, pro-mask crowd:

I believe in science. I believe in facts. I believe in data. Sad we have so many medically credentialed men and women pushing nonsense as truth.


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