Student Hunger Strikers at the US Capitol Say They Won’t Eat Till HR1 Is Passed – One Protester Already Bails After Feeling Light-Headed

A group of confused and uneducated students launched a hunger strike outside the US Capitol this past week.  They say they won’t eat until HR1 is passed and Democrats are able to steal elections from now until eternity and the country turns into a third-world hell-hole.

FOX News reported:

Hunger strikers for voting rights legislation began to feel the health consequences on the second day of their strike outside the U.S. Capitol, but remained committed.

“I’m feeling very tired, cold and hungry, obviously, but committed to being here,” Un-PAC co-founder Shana Gallagher told Fox News Digital. Gallagher said she’s also “having trouble sleeping” and experiencing “really bad” headaches.

West Virginia graduate student Dominic DiChiacchio said “the hunger is starting, but it’s still so early, so the morale is still really high.”

One of the around 40 youth hunger strikers had to leave to see a doctor after feeling lightheaded, but everyone else remained okay, Gallagher told Fox News Digital. The group has their vitals checked twice daily.

The youth activists are planning to strike indefinitely unless voting rights legislation passes the Senate. But after Sen. Kyrsten Sinema reaffirmed that she would not vote to remove the filibuster, which would have meant the upper chamber only needed a simply majority to pass the voting rights bills, the legislation appears to have no immediate path forward.

This was the second day of their hunger strike. 

One protester already bailed after feeling lightheaded.

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