“I Say This Sadly as a Lifelong Democrat, to Censor Americans is Incredibly Disturbing” – Dr. Naomi Wolf with Steve Malzberg

Dr. Naomi Wolf was on with Steve Malzberg on his ‘Eat the Press’ on RT America and they discussed Joe Biden’s declining cognitive abilities. 

Dr. Wolf shared the following:

I say this sadly as a lifelong Democrat, to censor Americans is incredibly disturbing…

A transcript of their discussion is below:

Biden [sound clip]: I’ll make a special appeal to social media companies and media outlets, please, deal with the misinformation and disinformation on your shows. It has to stop. COVID-19 is one of the most formidable enemies America has ever faced.

Malzberg: Our president scolding our media and social media platforms to censor what he calls, misinformation about covid. Joining me now, to discuss this and more, is feminist, author, and CEO of the Daily Clout, Dr. Naomi Wolf. She’s also the author of Outrageous Sex Censorship and the Criminalization of Love, and the End of America (those are two separate books).

Doctor, welcome back, so good to see you. What we just saw from Biden, is so disturbing on so many levels, directing the media. In addition, it ignored the fact that Biden’s own CDC and others in government keep giving us changing and conflicting information on COVID constantly. So where do you think we’re heading when it comes to all of this?

Wolf: These are huge questions and they are also related to how the White House has allowed a President who is suffering from cognitive impairment to have a two-hour press conference. I’ve said before that I believe the coup has already taken place in the sense that many thoughtful people have persuaded me with evidence that we are not in a situation in which our adversaries are not benefiting from our decline, and in some ways not hasting it.

Wolf: And, so what that has to do with our president now invoking social media and tech companies allegiances to the Democrat party, and I say this sadly as a lifelong Democrat, to censor Americans is incredibly disturbing because we have a First Amendment. But tech companies are not supposed to be creating a one-party, party line, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. And he’s asking them to merge and intensify this unholy oligarchy that’s been created with the DNC and whoever has benefited from the DNC and tech companies and pharma in a way that is going against more and more emergence of a collapsing narrative around covid.

Malzberg: I want to get to another example of trying to reign in the media. We recently had almost what they said 300 physicians and scientists writing to Spotify, demanding they reign in Joe Rogan’s show and put an end to what they call “COVID lies”. Now we’ve seen, that not all of these 300 scientists and doctors are not scientists or doctors at all. We’ve also had doctors fired for prescribing certain medications for COVID.

Wolf: Right. It’s an all-out war. I was just looking this morning at the AMA’s talking points, where doctors are supposed to give their patients who are afraid of side effects from vaccines. They are completely in violation of the science, and they come from the NIH and they are not correct. I have so many doctors come to me saying that they have been threatened with losing their licenses if they let people with pre-existing conditions know what the risks are or give them informed consent. And that is illegal, and these people will go to jail. It’s against the Nerenberg code, against the ADA, it’s against every law for informed consent that doctors are supposed to sign on for.

Wolf: You’re right to point out the nonsensical letter for the “misinformation” signed on by a lot of veterinarians and dentists. But even if it was signed by doctors, the history of science shows that science proceeds to open debate, medicine proceeds to open debate.

Steve: Right.

Wolf: People used to think you’d need to give women hysterectomies to keep them from being angry and insane. Or that you needed to give women of color sterilization in order to purify the race. Those were mainstream scientific positions. In my own lifetime, silicone breast implants were being prescribed with no awareness that there were health consequences. They had to be withdrawn…[inaudible], so on and so on.

Wolf: So the fact that we are in a CPP style environment, media environment, in which scientists in Doctor Malone who helped to invent the mRNA vaccine and podcasters are told: “you must not speak about whatever it is your concerns are”. That is not an American or Western reality. It is a truly totalitarian reality. I have to say as a CEO of a tech company that is rolling out as a Facebook competitor, it is a really good time to be not Big Tech. GETTR, other alternative platforms that are not big tech or aligned with the oligarchy are really expanding. People need free speech.

Steve: Naomi, I want you to watch this. Watch this.

Goldberg [sound clip]: It means that every time you sneeze or talk, you are spreading more hassle for them. They are trying to clean their country up. They are trying to put everybody in a mask, and here you come. You think tennis needs you that badly? No, honey. No.

Steve: That’s Whoopi Goldberg on the View this past Wednesday with her…

Naomi: You know, Steve, I’ve watched that clip before we got on the air…

Steve: I just want to explain to the folks that she’s weighing in on Australia’s deportation of the world’s number one tennis player, Novack Djokovic, who was unvaccinated and was attempting to defend his title in the Australian Open. This saga was finally over when the court upheld a ruling of the health administer in that country, canceling his visa. This after he was granted a medical exemption to enter the country. Now there’s talk he may be banned from the French Open as well. What do you think of Whoopi’s logic there? (laughs)

Naomi: Well, I was going to say that now I understand why so many of my former friends and loved ones who watch shows like the View and watch CNN, NPR and read the New York Times.  They are so delusional respectfully, they are insane. It’s because they are watching nonsense like this. Studies show that categorically, and even the CDC confirms, vaccinations don’t even affect transmission. So the whole narrative that President Biden repeats is that you have to get vaccinated for other people. It’s a totalitarian lie. It’s a lie that is propagated in order to otherize the unvaccinated and to justify the CCP style social controls….

Steve: Naomi…Naomi…I want to get to one more, sorry to interrupt, before we run out of time. I have to ask you about this now-deleted tweet from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, of which some interpreted it as urging Democrats to give Senate Kristen Sinema the back of their hands. Many interpreted it to mean as encouraging an act of violence against the Senator for voting against ending the filibuster. Like you said, you’re a Democrat, were a Democrat, worked with Clinton and all that, and this is Reich, what do you think of these kinds of attacks and specifically what Reich put up and then took down?

Naomi: You know, yeah, I don’t agree that he was encouraging violence against women. I think that’s too literal of a reading. But I absolutely see that, and I’m writing about this now, the kind of encouragement of otherization, withholding of groceries, withholding of medical care, withholding of free assembly of the unvaccinated or of people who are standing in the way of the Democratic agenda, leads to the kind of worsening of sensibilities that leads to cruelty. And we’re seeing unbelievable cruelty, nice people like Robert Reich, pleasant guy, right, are now feeling comfortable expressing this in public. It’s shocking, but if you study history it’s not that surprising because just otherizing the unvaccinated.

Wolf: The fact that I can’t walk into a restaurant in my own city, New York City, the great melting pot, the great liberator of refugees from totalitarian regimes from around the world. It leads to the Nazification of public discourse that we are seeing. It’s tragic and it ends in a very bad place, but I’m not surprised to see people saying things now they wouldn’t have said two years ago.

Steve: Naomi, I can go on with this conversation, and unfortunately I can’t. Thank you so much for coming back on and we will speak to you again soon.

Naomi: It’s my great pleasure, thank you, Steve.

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