Professor Who Identified Unique Characteristics in COVID-19 Indicating It Was Built in a Lab Says He Was a Victim of a “Disgusting Whitewash”

Dr. Angus Dalgleish, who identified the unique characteristics in COVID-19 that support the theory that the China coronavirus was built in a lab has been attacked for using science to reach his conclusion.

Zerohedge reports:

University of London professor Angus Dalgleish, who co-authored a paper in summer 2020 after spotting “unique fingerprints” in Covid-19 samples that point to genetic manipulation, says that he’s been the victim of a “disgusting whitewash,” and that anyone suggesting a non-natural origin for Covid-19 has been silenced by peers

…Dalgleish is the author of a book on Covid which claims the virus has “no credible natural ancestor.” He says his team found amino acids within the Covid-19 spike protein with a positive charge – allowing the virus to cling to negative parts of the body.

But it was highly unusual to find so many positive charges in a row because they also repel each other, he said.

“We realised when they released the sequence of the virus it broke the laws of physics for a natural virus meaning it was genetically modified. 

“At the time my position was supported by Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6 who now chairs the University of London board of trustees.”

However, when they tried to publish their work they were turned down by numerous papers, including the Lancet. 

“My paper was rejected within five hours”, he said. “Normally it takes three weeks before it is even peer reviewed.” -Express

According to Dalgleish, “It was a political decision for this to be suppressed,” adding that after the paper was released, “I was ostracised. I was fearful – really frightened at the way I was being treated.”

“I was told I was not an expert on coronavirus’ and should just shut up. People tried to push us away. We were told our theory had no rationale and it was a conspiracy theory. I am so angry about this. I have more virus papers cited than most virology experts and they tried to push me aside.

“They did not even look at the science. It was obvious it was a gain of function escape from a lab and I say escape, but that is generous. We had this data in late February after the sequences were released.

This has been a whitewash. This whole thing has killed science. Science is meant to look at evidence. It is truly unbelievable.

The Gateway Pundit provided evidence on COVID being created in a lab in early 2020.  We reported on Dr. Shi (the Bat Doctor) and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  We also connected the work in China to US scientists.

UPDATE: Dr. Shi Zhengli Who Ran Coronavirus Research in Wuhan Had US Project Shut Down by DHS in 2014 for Being Too Risky – PRIOR LEAK KILLED RESEARCHER

We stand by the truth.  

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