Physician Assistant Who Saved Hundreds Of COVID Patients From ‘Needlessly Dying In Hospitals’ Reveals Exactly Why His Medical License Is Suspended

After saving the lives of nearly 2,000 Covid patients, many of who were refused adequate medications in hospitals, Washington-based Physician Assistant Scott Miller is unable to legally practice medicine for the foreseeable future.

Miller and numerous medical experts contend hospitalized Covid patients are not actually dying from the virus but are essentially held hostage once admitted – prohibited visitation or going home—and are typically administered Remdesivir and intubated to death.

Guidelines ushered in by the Center For Disease Control during the manufactured coronavirus pandemic bar medical practitioners from administering treatment for pneumonia, respiratory illness, and other symptoms of Covid infection.

As family members of those hospitalized with Covid received notice from hospitals informing them that their loved ones were becoming critically ill and would be intubated, a procedure that kills the majority of those who undergo the surgery, they reached out to Miller for assistance.

While advocating for hospitalized Covid patients, the Physician Assistant has argued with countless doctors to do the right thing and treat symptoms of the virus, as they had prior to the pandemic rather than adhering to the CDC’s lethal protocols.

His commitment to saving lives, upholding the Hippocratic oath and decision to call attention to the illogical scheme, rather than keep his job, obey with CDC’s science-inverting guidelines and watch people needlessly die in medical facilities prompted the Washington Medical Commission to revoke his medical license in October.

In a video exclusively provided to The Gateway Pundit, Miller reviews the allegedly dangerous and unethical charges filed against him by  Dr. Leslie Enzian that resulted in the medical commission barring him from his medical practice.


Miller purportedly engaged in “threatening” behavior by “failing to social distance,” not wearing a mask “while speaking to a fully unmasked audience” and recommending and treating Covid patients with vitamins, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, Enzian, a Seattle-based Internal Medicine Specialist who works at Harborview Medical CenterMiller, warns in the 22-page complaint provided to the WMC.

Despite being targeted for exposing the corruption, the pediatric specialist stands by his assessment of the hospital’s murderous malpractice and flagrant negligence.

“Over 700,000 Americans have needlessly died in our hospitals. So yeah – you go to the hospital and all of your patient rights are gone,” he explained. “You’re isolated. Most of the time, a family member can go days without even being able to speak to a doctor, no less their loved one.

“Mechanical ventilation. [The] standard of care in Peace Health Hospital Southwest in Vancouver, Washington – what do they have? About a 10 percent survival rate once they are ventilated, Dr. Leslie Enzian? So, the standard of care is killing?”

Report of ‘Expert’ DrEnzian 11-12-21 by Alicia Powe on Scribd

The renegade health practitioner’s license should be revoked because he insists “50 percent of the COVID-19 mortality could have been mitigated if people had adequate levels of vitamin D levels,” “spoke out “about hydroxychloroquine” efficacy and “glaringly omits a recommendation for vaccination when discussing ways to prevent the risk of severity of COVID-19 infection,” Enzian warns.

“Respondent stated, ‘Anecdotally, I’ve had patients who were sick. They got one dose and after the first dose, they were 100 percent better the next day,’” she continued.

Miller maintains that he will continue to speak the truth, stands by facts and refuse to back down amid systematic coercion.

“Anecdotally, that’s what [patients] told me – they were in the [intensive care unit] and they were dying, and they got Hydroxychloroquine and the next day – they were released a couple of days later and here with their child in my office,” he said. “So, hmm…I guess I shouldn’t have said that out loud.

“I referred to an article that called Melatonin a silver bullet So, I am not allowed to say this. This is a reason for suspension. There were four or five hundred that were desperately ill and sent home by the hospital or were actually in the ICU and I had to figure out a tricky way…anyway, they all came home because it works.”

Propaganda claimingCovid vaccines prevent transmission of Covid is demonstrably and irrefutably false, he contends:

“I guess this was written pre her ability to see that vaccination does not mitigate somebody getting infected or sick or dying. I had to add, ‘Hey, get vaccinated, you won’t get sick – because I didn’t want to lie to people.”

Enzian claims Miller is a menace to the community because he “encouraged parents to disenroll their students from school” amid Covid mandates and school procedures.

“I told them to unenroll their kids because schools are useless,” Miller states. “How do you trust your school when you’re telling them that they can take their masks off and sit next to each other and eat lunch or go outside and play, but when they’re in the classroom they have to wear it? It’s idiocy.”

Miller refusal to encourage people to social distance warrants penalty, Enzian argues, noting “Respondent was not socially distancing (while unmasked) when attending a church gathering to present a fully unmasked audience,” the “doctor” Enzian notes, adding, “On a talk show interview, after the suspension of his license, respondent complained about social distancing guidelines, ‘Stand six feet apart, 3 feet apart. Why?’”

“No. My question is which one? Six feet? Three feet? Nine feet? Unless you’re sitting right here, and you’re eating, then you just take your mask off and hang out for a while,” Miller shot back.



Help Scott Miller reinstate his medical license and donate to his legal fund here

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