Hillary Deletes Tweet Where She Miscounts Number of Senate Votes on Filibuster – One Too Many Cocktails?

Hillary Clinton deleted a tweet on Thursday night where she miscounted the number of votes on the filibuster.  In her defense, it was past 10 on a work night. 

Hillary Clinton tweeted the results of the filibuster vote in the US Senate on Thursday night.  Then she quickly took it down.

Hillary’s gaffe was all over Twitter:

Western Journal reported:

As sharp-eyed Twitter monitors noticed, Clinton took down a post in the middle of a thread about the Senate showdown that resulted in a united Republican Party and two Democratic senators combining to keep the filibuster in place in the upper body of Congress.

A woman who’s spent her entire adult life in politics misstated the voting tally…

…“Forty-eight Republicans and two Democrats are in the history books for using the filibuster to do what the filibuster does best: block the right of Americans, particularly Black Americans, to vote,” Clinton wrote in the deleted tweet.

As just about anyone who’s followed the months-long dramatic Democratic efforts to put the federal government in control of state elections — a violation of the Constitution as well as common sense — knows, the voting breakdown was 50 Republicans with two Democrats voting to support the filibuster.

In all fairness, it was past 10 pm and Hillary may have had a drink or two by that hour.  Maybe she wasn’t at the top of her game? 

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