EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Despite Pennsylvania 2020 Election Investigation Being Delayed and Challenged by the Democrats, RINOs and Dominion, Investigators Hope to Begin Work This Wednesday

The 2020 Election investigation of Fulton County, Pennsylvania is still in the works.  The investigators are trying to move forward but Pennsylvania Democrats, RINOs, and Dominion are trying to stop or stall any efforts to investigate the 2020 Election results.

In Fulton County, PA, all the usual suspects are still at it. RINO GOP politicians and the Democrats are working closely to prevent any PA Senate investigation of the 2020 Election. Dominion is now functionally controlling the legal fight to stop the PA Senate from investigating or even obtaining a forensic copy of the voting equipment (The PA Secretary of State and Dominion are trying to prevent Fulton County PA from giving access to the Senate Investigation to Fulton County’s voting machines).

We reported on this late last week.

Dominion is Panicking in Pennsylvania Because Their Machines Likely Weren’t Properly ‘Hardened’ and Shouldn’t Have Ever Been Put in Use

While the Judge has not yet ruled if Dominion can even be part of the case, Dominion is clearly coordinating a strategy with the PA Secretary of State and Attorney General Shapiro.

The PA Secretary of State and Attorney General have made factually false statements during the oral arguments in front of the Commonwealth Court where a subpoena from the Senate Committee is being opposed (e.g., they argued that making a forensic copy of the voting equipment would destroy evidence or that the Senate does not have the jurisdiction to investigate, or that only they [Dominion] have the expertise to perform this type collection/analysis).

Those involved in the audit are waiting for the court to approve the forensic data collection this Wednesday.  The team working on the project for the Senate had fully complied with the Secretary of State’s requirements and provided ample proof of their expertise conducting such work and a detailed procedure of how the forensic imaging will take place. In response to this, the Secretary of State and AG continue to object, insisting that the process should not proceed because their expert (an individual from the West Coast who has no cyber or forensic experience) won’t be available for the next few weeks.

Will the Democrats and Dominion be allowed to stall and derail the Pennsylvania investigation?  Time will tell.

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