Biden’s 3.9% Unemployment Is a Farce – Workers Needed All Over Because Government Paying Them More to Stay Home

Something is not right.  We all can see it.  Of course, the propaganda garbage media will never point this out.

How many businesses are facing insolvency because their business is slowing because they don’t have the employees to keep them open?

Americans are on the go and want everything quickly.  Not very often do we Americans sit down for a 4-hour meal with friends like those along the Italian Mediterranean.  We have sporting events to go to, school events to go to, church or bible studies to go to, and we need meals and goods quick.

Travel the world and you will see how the US developed the fastest experience in buying goods on earth.  Go to any supermarket or Walmart, Sams, etc and you can purchase your goods in seconds.  You exit with an itemized list and prices for each item, etc…

We are the same with our meals.  We enjoy a quick and fast experience due to our busy schedules.  Drive-throughs at various fast food restaurants are essential.

But since COVID hit, these stores can’t find people to work at them.  They have to shut down their dining areas or shut down their business.  Long lines are everywhere.  Waiting times are extreme.  

I spoke with a worker at a McDonalds the other day and he said the people that used to work there are getting paid more by the government to stay home. 

In April 2020, companies were already being challenged by the government’s unemployment subsidies.  A writer in Vermont shared:

“We are now trying to figure out how we navigate an environment in which people get paid more to stay home than they do to go to work,” said Kleppner, whose Middlebury company normally employs 100 people who work in stores or make pewter ornaments and keepsakes.

It’s a question many business owners and managers are asking as state officials start untangling the array of new programs that were approved as part of the $2 trillion federal disaster aid package approved by Congress in late March.

Vermont lawmakers in March approved a bill that makes it easier for people to qualify for unemployment insurance.  While the details haven’t been fully established, it is widely understood that under the new law, people can choose to leave their positions for a number of reasons related to the virus, and qualify for unemployment insurance. Previously, workers would only qualify for unemployment insurance if they left their jobs involuntarily, or if the position was eliminated.

Meanwhile, the new federal aid package pays $600 per week to every person who receives an unemployment check. Vermont’s weekly unemployment benefit tops out at around $513. The result is that anyone making an annual salary of $53,000 or less can break even or make more money by leaving their job to collect unemployment, according to the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce. That includes workers who are only receiving partial unemployment benefits, according to the DOL. Austin Davis, the director of government affairs for the Chamber, said members think the incentive will prompt their workers to stay home.

No one is talking about this!

How much longer will the government continue to pay people to stay home?   How much longer can these stores and restaurants stay open?   Why are the politicians, those who can challenge these issues so unable to stop this?

The policy of paying people to stay home is socialist and has to stop.

The news yesterday was Biden’s unemployment was only 3.9%.  What garbage!  What about the millions of workers who are getting paid to stay home?

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Under President Trump, there were real jobs and real workers.   Real unemployment was as low as 3.5%.  This economy of Biden’s is a joke and its long-term consequences are unending government subsidies, massive government debt, insolvent companies, and more Americans dependent on more government subsidies. 

Biden can’t even give us our happy meals quickly.

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