“Sick”: First Lady Spox, Eric Swalwell, Reporters Have Meltdown Over Christmas Eve Caller Telling Joe Biden “Let’s Go Brandon”

Freedom of speech, guaranteed by the First Amendment, isn’t always pretty, it isn’t always respectful, but it can be “humor in a jugular vein” as the old Mad Magazine motto said. A father exercised his free speech rights in a once in a lifetime chance to tell Joe Biden what he thinks of him, doing so in a humorous way on a Christmas Eve phone call that offended all the right people.

Joe Biden to dad named Jared: “I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.”

Jared: “Yeah, I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas as well. Merry Christmas, and Let’s go Brandon!”

Joe Biden: “Let’s go Brandon! I agree. Hey, by the way, are you in Oregon? Where’s you’re home?”

No response, Jared probably hung up or was disconnected.

Video of the father talking to Biden:

Michael LaRosa, press secretary for Jill Biden, tweeted, “Sick.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), one of the nastiest smear artists in Congress, accused the caller of being “indecent” to Biden, “I refuse to believe we are this indecent as people. Not on Christmas Eve. And not to a person who lost his wife and daughter at Christmastime. We are better than this. Be kind and #MerryChristmas.”

NBC News Senior White House Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell, “Yes! Can’t we all expect a little more of ourselves when it comes to simple kindness and respect and on Christmas Eve? It’s not funny, clever or worth it to show such lack of grace.”

The Atlantic’s Molly Jong-Fast, “Imagine you’re on the phone with the president of the United States on a line intended for children and you use the venue for this…..”

HuffPost White House reporter S.V. Dáte: “Everyone yelled at Hillary Clinton for calling them deplorable.”

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, “Somehow the guy is the true victim, and Biden was somehow in the wrong, as a guy gets on the phone to troll him on Christmas Eve after Biden was kind to the guy”

Olivia Troye, turncoat Republican and never Trumper, “How many kids get the opportunity to talk to the President of the United States on Christmas Eve while they await Santa? The lack of decency and respect by the dad on this call is horrid. I hope those kids grow up to be a better person than their father.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper, posted a sub-tweet Friday afternoon of the Charlie Brown Christmas, asking, “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?!”

CNN’s Ana Navarro, “While some get that infantile euphemism trending again, I’m just gonna sit here and look at the beautiful official White House Christmas card I got from the legitimately elected 46th President of the United States of America. #GoJoeBiden”


CNN’s Jeremy Diamond clutched his pearls and headed for the fainting couch, “If you think it’s appropriate to tell someone — anyone, really — to go f*** themselves after they gave your kids the time of day on Christmas Eve, it says a lot more about your personal character than anything else That is all.”

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